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  1. Littlelegolaz's Magnus Guide

    now that the sonic boom is only for swords. what are we going to do? replace the axe with sword or find another damage skill that can be used with axe?
  2. Question on PK-Delevel

    thank you so much!
  3. Question on PK-Delevel

    While i was reading in some guide on how to de-level my character by PKing, i found some contradicting opinions on how to delevel urself while PKing others, as follows: 1. there was one guide wherein some player said that the best way to de-level is to kill your dual log in character to get high PK points then die to mobs. 2. Some said that it is illegal to do number 1 thus you have to kill other players to get high PK points then die to mobs. Question: what is the right way for me to delevel my level 120 entrapper to level 97 for me to get the loots. (im scared to do anything coz they said they were banning players) i know there were so many explanations already but its hard for me to clearly understand how it works (im just a newbie just started last march 2018)