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  1. what i feel when this happening again

    i'll die if i didn't bring one i'm weak against magic attack.
  2. what i feel when this happening again

    it's happening againnnnn and at 80% with my last dd and i feel..
  3. [Video] Antoni77 playing TM Bow

    thank you for your reply! i already got trans set , it got extra 9+ eva very good, with 5+ eva on every equip now i'm with 275 eva as blade taker as arc ranger maybe lower since thief>treasure>blade taker give more eva for each lvl. yet dying thanx to dot, and my pet automatically re-seal itself
  4. axe and sword

    Jonah : :( yeah i made mistakes before putting swordstorm when using axe. Antoni77: it's a harsh road i'm making blade taker to farm atm, someday i might become magnus
  5. critical for arc ranger

    ohh thank you very much ,but then i realize that blade taker did a better job at farming then i decided to make one. i know entrapper is better but i need those dual wielding feeling later when 117+ i'm not yet for pvp too weak.
  6. critical for arc ranger

    is this correct? because i use calculator on this using text document. ARC RANGER CRITICAL BASED ON BUILD. only critical- 10 dex = 15 critical . 1,2,1,2,1,2 (based on forum info) at level 105 full dex without base critical rate. 15*10 =150+9 =159 no dagger crit. cause this is for bow user. R>Scout>Treasure>arc ranger. blindside lvl 6 120 death sign lvl 8 18% detect hole lvl 6 130 whispering wind lvl 4 102 fatal touch lvl 8 21% zephyr 80 dex = 15*8 = 120 159+120+130+102+120 = 631 critical rate 39% crit damage. advantage = more loot similarity = both elves R>Archer>Rune>arc ranger. blindside lvl 5 105 death sign lvl 8 18% detect hole lvl 4 100 whispering wind lvl 6 145 fatal touch lvl 8 21% whispering fire lvl 6 13% (bonus for being rune walker) zephyr 80 =120 crit 159+105+100+145+120 = 629 critical rate 52% crit damage. advantage = more firepower.
  7. when a girl ask about her dress whether it's pretty or not and you said yes, then she said ''how about the one from yesterday?''

    >>also pretty (she hates you)
         this one is better (she loves the dress now hate you)

  8. Radar or Announcement

    ouuu i thought that red aura was his buff he's fast tho ,wearing black cape and easily catch up to me in a sec. yes that would be great! a channel where a player can leveling and farming safely!
  9. Radar or Announcement

    is there a way to make sure we can detect any pkiller nearby like making the small map turn red or blinking when they are nearby? because just yesterday i was lvling at fairy valley, and i saw someone nearby killing mob so i went to another direction, then it happen. he followed me i thought he want to party then he stab me (dagger) i'm using mage at that time a warlock. it would be great if there's an announcement made when the player can report the event when being killed by other player. ofc there's thing called de-leveling but if the player didn't report the incident they won't be announced. so a pk radar or player report which can announce the world about the pker.
  10. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    i've tested it, kinda hard a bit for 1 handed sword user because of damage but the result is satisfying . sky slash>meteor(pet)>holy avenger (1 sp only for finisher) and repeat until they died. oowh i keep spamming attract on every mob thank you for the guide!
  11. dual wield fishing

    are you sure it's a fishing rod? wink* then why don't you try it and let us know, if you can that might give us a whole new meaning in fishing. report that guy for being naked as an act of indecent exposure .lol.-joke-
  12. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    i handed sword user can also do this? or need higher damage.
  13. enchanting fishing rod

    as far as my knowledge goes, enchanting a weapon will provide a status addition whether pa,ma,cri, etc. never heard about adding % to catching a carp by enhancement. the bonus can be found on every set of armor like = magic critical , magic starting speed,bonus skill +1 etc category. i think it the same as the rod.
  14. dual wield fishing

    i don't think so.... imagine if you're holding 2 fishing rod how are you suppose to reel in your fish? if you can..then gg
  15. axe and sword

    can we still use this guide? because 2 handed axe can't use swordstorm anymore and any kind of ''sword'' only skill. i need to make 1 handed magnus ''sword'' to tank and survive longer, for the future nera and grave which i saw at forum need at least 4k pdef?.