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  1. help login problem

    long time ago , 2016 maybe and it worked really fine without any av changing or defender... ok let me try...
  2. help login problem

    i've played this on the same PC and it worked on the old version of this game
  3. help login problem

    it says windows defender is turned off and currently being managed by your sydtem administrator
  4. help login problem

    im sorry but i've unins my mcafee and its still crash. i've downloaded and installed the correct redist 64bit btw
  5. help login problem

    is McAfee security scan plus a kind of antivirus?
  6. help login problem

    cannot upload more than 510kb processor : 0 processors installed ram : 2 gb (1,98 usable ) system type : 64-bit operating system , x64 based processor windows edition 8.1 single language
  7. help login problem

    my drivers is up to date , installed correct VC version 32bit and user admin.
  8. help login problem

    my windows defender is turned off by group policy '-'
  9. help login problem

    i dont have any antivirus running
  10. help login problem

    i dont have any antivirus running or installed , i've disabled my firewall too
  11. help login problem

    everytime i tried to login ,after i typed my ID and PW and i clicked "connect" it always crash and says "luna online has stopped working" i've disabled my antivirus installed VC redist.