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  1. please help im use win 10 why my connection like a bad . im use tethering from my phone. and if i use another leptop win 7 dont have problem like this??
  2. problem login?

    im not ask about that xoxo. oke i try turn off and on and call my operator and ask friend with same connection have problem too or not..
  3. problem login?

    why still cant login, i already reinstall 3x and in file directory dont have problem i see. have client exe and not corupted. and my antivirus still off how can i fixed it?
  4. problem login?

    already turn off and on then still cant login, but my friend dont have problem same with me
  5. problem login?

    then i call my operator phone ask about have problem about have trouble or not with card phone service?
  6. problem login?

    i cant understand about login goes a proxy in asia :(
  7. problem login?

    4G, if my connection bad i cant browsing too right?
  8. problem login?

    yep but my connection its okey im use tethering from my phone ...