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  1. Buy/Trade

    B/T> Dream of full moon.
  2. Parasus Equips

    Hi, I just find it unfair for the Akuma's Orb of Power users. Akuma's Orb of Power has -ms and -mp reco. Movement speed is essential to Mages, also mp recovery. The thing is, the new equip that can get in Parasus barely have negative effects especially Venom Needle ,Corrupted Branch and Emerald Glider. It is unfair for Mages who uses Akuma. Correct me if I'm wrong. More power to C L O ! ! - Just a concern Citizen of Alker.
  3. Bio's magical critical tank

    This is quite disturbing.
  4. Soul Arbiter My Version

    is Helm of Pluto still gives 2% m.a? where can I find it?
  5. elven crit soul arbiter

    I am warlock-soul arbiter, it nuked damage to characters and mobs.
  6. Mages' Skill Cast Time

    Where can I get these items?
  7. Cardinal guide

    SA and necro can use shield as well.
  8. Serene's Obscene GM (Grand Master) Guide

    Is Kynee has stealth?
  9. Jonah's Magical SA Guide

    Hi Jonah,, what build did you used on the vid?
  10. Ask why you are banned here!

    Please check ID: ciel09 , ciel08 or something like ciel... I really forgot my user Id.