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  1. the Part 2 is out that now I'm doing Boss Fighting with Wookies which at Part 1 I forgot to do that...
  2. video saya main celestia luna yang lagi pake Soul Arbiter... hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. After some of busy work from RL, finally has some time to enjoy and relax... my ELF Warlock is finally become the Soul Arbiter now... (and then I realize that actually my DianaLight is one the Old Character that I don't play from long-long time) Well, anyway here is the Short Video I am playing Soul Arbiter... check it out guys...
  4. celestia luna

    di Item Mall bukannya masih ada? '-'a
  5. however, Rune Master's "Mind Barrier" only max on level 7, while the Cardinal has level 8... :)
  6. -5% cast speed means it will be faster... because your Cast Speed is "Reduced"... (hmm, maybe we supposedly use the term "Casting Time" instead, so people won't be confused...)
  7. yes, Cross Slash is Evolved skill from Skill "Windy Slash" Level 11... :)
  8. kalo kamu bisa bahasa inggris, coba PM aja GM Orange... dan ceritakan masalah kamu... :)
  9. hmm, I remember Wild Mantis and Empress are from Luna Classic, at least when is still on gkentang...
  10. -5 cast speed is actually a good effect, you know... so yes, no need worries about it :)
  11. Remember the Time that we can teleport to Howling Cave Floor 2 for Leveling on Level 75 to Level 80 on Spot of Ogre Guard and Ogre Shaman
  12. why you want to make Paladin with that Straight Path?
  13. Do you will enabled that Boss to Great Garden soon? (also boss Hornet too, perhaps?) just asking... :)
  14. hmm... Silence Rune has 100% chance/Rate to Successfully Silence, right??? it is good idea to decrease the chance/rate of it??? for example like: -Level 1 => 70% -Level 2 => 75% -Level 3 => 80% -Level 4 => 85% -Level 5 => 90%
  15. kalo itu mah beda atuh... connection failed mah emang mungkin koneksi kamunya aja kali yang kurang bagus...