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  1. all Holy Attacks (Holy Swing, Holy Spike, Holy Uppercut) from job Monk are single target attacks, Monk has no AoE :) as for Fearful Blow, that skill is also single target attack :) they're just wrong description tooltip...
  2. Swordsmaster dual can get more Phy Atk, but need to get level 132 to have good Critical :)
  3. Rogue are usually using Living Body Necklace with Phillo Eva there is also Necklace from around level 70-85 (I forgot the name but is Red Rarity) that increase DEX or Critical use Gardener Sets is okay too :)
  4. Chicken Attack...
  5. I guess there is no skills that can replace shield boomerang, although for range attack I still using Dagger Blow. (well, actually I hope Shield Boomerang is changed to Dagger skills too and the name is change to "Chain Boomerang" so we can use it on Dual Dagger again)
  6. only counted 1... because AK double damage is 1 of Set Effect, Set effect will not counted if you use same weapon for dual including dual stenno, and dual cutlass too :)
  7. ouwh, no worries, there is no bug from it... anyway,level 21 or higher will make stun duration increased to become 5 second...
  8. hmm hmm, about Dwarf, yes they're exist on Luna Online Stories, but they're only appears as NPC (The Armor NPC, and Weapon NPC are Dwarves if you don't know about it). So I doubt they become 3rd race... also, even though there is 3rd race... do you have any idea about their job path? what I mean is: if we choose 3rd race and choose Fighter, what is their "Race Only Job"? for example: like Human has Mercenary> Gladiator> Destroyer> DK, and ELF has Rune Knight> Magnus> Arch Templar, what is the 3rd race only jobs for Fighter, etc, etc... and about that 3 weapons, yeah I actually has Idea like yours long time ago. -Spear... also Lance and/ or Scythe/ Slayer too, perhaps? -Fist? I could say Bare-Handed would be fix, yeah I think Monk, Inquirer, and Soul Arbiter supposedly Bare-Handed, using their Fist to do Holy Magic Melee Attack. -CrossBow... I more like it say as BowGun, a Musket that has Bow on it's Upperside, so is not just can shot Bullets but can also shot Arrows too, which means we can use both of Musket Skills and Bow Skills too. sounds fun... hmm well. these is just my personal thought, so yeah I'm not actually suggest these to Celestia Luna hehehehe :')
  9. crafting for One-Handed Mace level 115 with high INT sound nice too... (though it will need a luck) :)
  10. hmm? what bug? I was using Swordsmaster with blunt shield level 20 and is no something weird about it... :)
  11. we cannot Voting anymore, that's why is High Price now :')
  12. it was banned by the Old Banned System, so yes Shoutbot can't find a reason for that RMT... and of course only Admin can find the proof of that RMT banning... however I think it will burdening the Admins, so yeah we supposedly not forced it too much :)
  13. reminder and also tips: if you use dual athena, the second athena will not give you the effect... so at least you must give good INT phillo and high Reinforce Magical Attack on that secondary athena :)
  14. hello everyone it's me Antoni77 on this post I will explain to you about Skills from Temper Master, so yeah here we go: 1.) Deadly Strike: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, thrusting 1 of your opponent with powerful attack, this skill have good damages. 2.) Deadly Soul: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, strike 1 of your opponent with single stroke, has effect to Healing your MP after you killing the Opponent that was affected by this Skill. 3.) Wind Barrier: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, a Casting Spell skill that Debuff 1 Target opponent, the opponent affected by Wind Barrier cannot do "Normal Attack". (Tips: this skills has chance, so sometime can be fail. this skill are very good combo with "Casting Foil" while Casting Foil will make your Opponent cannot use any skills and Wind Barrier will make your Opponent cannot Normal Attack. Already test this combo to Wookies and he just do nothing before me... hehehehe). (Bug?: this skill is start Learning on Skill's Level 21 and max on Level 22? I hope it will be Fixed and Start Learning is on Skill's Level 1 and max on Level 2 as usual). 4.) Magical Arrow (Mystical Arrow?): Bows Skills that do high concentrate powerful attack, this skill have good damages. 5.) Whispering Steps: Whispering buffs that can increase Evasion to you and your Party Member nearby. 6.) Passive: Dual Wield Mastery (Dual Wield Expertise): Allowing you use Dual-Wield Daggers, your Physical Attack, Evasion, and Critical Rate will be decreased as Penalty, Learning higher Level of this Passive Skill can also decreasing the Penalties of this Passive Skill. And well, that's all if there is any more question, you may ask it :)
  15. only Panzer skills still bugged and is "Iron Night Shot" this skill supposedly AoE but is still Single Target, also the Damage are just too low... :) as for Sniper, there is no Bug on their Skills :)