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  1. both of Fearful Massacre and Dual Blow are Hurts
  2. this is might be break rules, so yes we need to ask GM and Admin about this before we did it.
  3. o.o if you choose to safety play on NH, is also good too well, as I said before, even is on another game (not just Luna Online) leveling too fast is just not good enough without good equipment and golds... except you want to Donate to get some good equipment :) *flee-time ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (>'.')>
  4. yes they are, all window with yes or no can be accepted by enter button. (really annoying)...
  5. Fast leveling is not good enough if we are not balancing it with good equipment too, also with enough budget and golds. So yeah, fast leveling only is not good enough.
  6. that yes with enter also will annoying us when there is Party's, Guild's, or Family's Invites, including Duel too for example: you were on chatting, suddenly someone Challenge Duel you but you are not realize it and press enter because you were still focus on chat... that's really-rally annoying... \ '-' /
  7. Swinging, by *Muramasa*
  8. yes, you were correct :)
  9. beside Destroyer there is Crusader, the original Crusader has high Axe Training and Mortality, also has buff Solid Weapon Level 4 after the Update 1 year ago, Crusader has been changed... so yeah, we cannot make Crusader Two Handed Axe anymore :') maybe Gladiator> Panzer still good for Two Handed Axe, because Panzer also have Solid Weapon Level 4 and Weapon Synchro Level 2 Armor Synchro Level 2, and get Axe Training from Gladiator :)
  10. After the big Update this is just make me annoying a bit The Black Sword...
  11. Almost all Bow Jobs can do 1 hit on NH mobs... even is TM Bow (well as long as you have Euryale Bow +12, using BWL, Chival Necklace, Critical Slime) :')
  12. Magnus not have much Axe Training, even though is from Knight Magnus not have Earth Wave anyway...
  13. for Panzer, "Iron Night" is not Area yet for Sniper, Buff Range "Telescopic Scope" and Passive "Musket Range" it's seems not giving Range
  14. Info: Skill Reckless Mind is already deleted from Celestia Luna :)
  15. not yet, at least for Skill "Iron Night Shot", it's still not Area yet...