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  1. we cannot Voting anymore, that's why is High Price now :')
  2. it was banned by the Old Banned System, so yes Shoutbot can't find a reason for that RMT... and of course only Admin can find the proof of that RMT banning... however I think it will burdening the Admins, so yeah we supposedly not forced it too much :)
  3. reminder and also tips: if you use dual athena, the second athena will not give you the effect... so at least you must give good INT phillo and high Reinforce Magical Attack on that secondary athena :)
  4. hello everyone it's me Antoni77 on this post I will explain to you about Skills from Temper Master, so yeah here we go: 1.) Deadly Strike: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, thrusting 1 of your opponent with powerful attack, this skill have good damages. 2.) Deadly Soul: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, strike 1 of your opponent with single stroke, has effect to Healing your MP after you killing the Opponent that was affected by this Skill. 3.) Wind Barrier: Daggers Skills that now can also be used with Dual-Wield Dagger, a Casting Spell skill that Debuff 1 Target opponent, the opponent affected by Wind Barrier cannot do "Normal Attack". (Tips: this skills has chance, so sometime can be fail. this skill are very good combo with "Casting Foil" while Casting Foil will make your Opponent cannot use any skills and Wind Barrier will make your Opponent cannot Normal Attack. Already test this combo to Wookies and he just do nothing before me... hehehehe). (Bug?: this skill is start Learning on Skill's Level 21 and max on Level 22? I hope it will be Fixed and Start Learning is on Skill's Level 1 and max on Level 2 as usual). 4.) Magical Arrow (Mystical Arrow?): Bows Skills that do high concentrate powerful attack, this skill have good damages. 5.) Whispering Steps: Whispering buffs that can increase Evasion to you and your Party Member nearby. 6.) Passive: Dual Wield Mastery (Dual Wield Expertise): Allowing you use Dual-Wield Daggers, your Physical Attack, Evasion, and Critical Rate will be decreased as Penalty, Learning higher Level of this Passive Skill can also decreasing the Penalties of this Passive Skill. And well, that's all if there is any more question, you may ask it :)
  5. only Panzer skills still bugged and is "Iron Night Shot" this skill supposedly AoE but is still Single Target, also the Damage are just too low... :) as for Sniper, there is no Bug on their Skills :)
  6. as I posted before, use the most new Mozzilla Firefox... :)
  7. I still didn't see the Skill Passive Job Bonus yet (at least)... Please add Skill Passive Job Bonus to Celestia Luna too. :)
  8. is this bug already reported before? the skills is not AoE yet, please Fix it :) (also please increase the damages too)
  9. well, gm orange say "celestia luna maybe want to make WIS to increase Magical Critical next time"...
  10. we cannot post it here because the Skill Calculator are provided by other Luna Online game. so yeah it some kind of against rules of forum, we very apologize about it. :) just try to search on google: "Luna Online Skill Calculator" and see the First the most top result. That's Luna Online Classic skill Calculator :) and yeah don't forget to download microsoft silver light, also use the most new Mozzilla Firefox...
  11. well, for Old Crusader there is Buff "Mental Vortex" that increased magical attack (but I don't remember if it's increase Magical Criticals too?), but it seems this "mental vortex" now is changed to become Passive "Devoted Mind" (?) so yeah it might fixed later to increase more Magical Attack? (I hope it will also increase Magical Critical too later). '-'a and about "Thundering Dread"... well for Old Crusader, they're was supposedly has more AoE skills besides "Holy Avenger" -Thundering Dread -Holy Avenger (if you pick from Phalanx or other job but was pick Infantryman) -Shock Wave (this is supposedly AoE too, but it was bugged and do "Always Miss"... Magical Attack but always miss?) -Doom Burst (well since Crusader is... somehow... is upgrade Job of Knight, they can also do Doom Burst, but this skill is Physical Damage) The reason why Celestia Luna is Modified Crusader entirely is only for 1 purpose, and the purpose it's to make Crusader become Magical Knight with Holy Power that somehow can also do Supports too as Holy Knight. :) What I think to Celestia Luna need to fix is the Magical Damage for PVP (against other Players) that getting decreased too much (nerfed).
  12. waduh, saia juga ga tau, jarang keluar mereka di Celestia :')
  13. -Clicking Map to Auto-Walk is Feature from Luna Plus -Mount is also a Feature from Luna Plus Celestia Luna is Luna Classic, and since this is Private Server, you no need to take Quest. Just Hunting Monsters on the Maps that is around your Levels. :)
  14. Merry Christmas 2016 Celestia Luna... :) EXPLOSION...!!!
  15. -semua skills Shields yang kamu bahas itu daridulu ga ada Bugnya (emang sejak kapan ada Bugnya?) -Raging Swords, kurang tau juga saia, tapi kalo kamu dari Human Gladiator>Paladin dan pake senjata Swords, Critical Damage skill sakit banget loh... :) -Shield Barrier itu untuk Maximum Shield-Blocking, bukan buat nambah Attack, salah Deskripsi itu :) sekali kamu pake skill ini, kamu bakalan 100% Blocking terus-menerus, tapi Speed Movement berkurang, menaikan level skill dapat mengurangi Penalty dari Berkurangnya Speed Movement :) -Saint Shackle itu ada Chance-nya. Cara mengetahui Skillnya kena atau ga-nya ini gampang, pas kamu keluarin skill ini, kamu lihat Targetnya, keluar Animasi Rantai Merah/ Oranye gitu ga di badannya... kalo keluar berarti dia kena, dan Defends-nya berkurang :) -Bloody Storm bisa dipake, jika kamu Party, Darah kamu akan dikorbankan untuk memberikan Auto-Regen HP ke semua anggota Party-Member kamu yang berjarak dekat dengan kamu, termasuk diri kamu juga jadi ya emang ga berasa kalau kamu darahnya dikorbanin. Bug: Tidak memberikan Effect sama sekali saat DD. :) ada yang mau di tanyain lagi? monggo...