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  1. my "only and one only" suggestion is: >Please fix the "Magical Damage" on "Player Against Players" is Nerfed too much since I first time Play Celestia Luna (2011), and it makes Cardinal become number 1 Popular Mages on that time why? is because Cardinal has skill DoT "Holy Taker" that has damages 1k per seconds. So who cares about Pure Magical Damage? And how about another Mage's Jobs that don't have DoT Skills but only relying on Pure Magical Damage? for example: Grand Master? you will need at least Magical Attack around 15k or even 20k to get ideal damages against Players... so if we only has 10k Magical Attack or Lower, the Magical Damage against Players are really Low... is just like... the damages is Nerfed more than 1/2 Damages, so maybe is nearly 1/4 from the real damages, or even maybe is only 10% from the real damages? (I hate math, sorry) no wonder if people is almost never pick status "Wisdom" because is almost useless to increase the Magical Defend on Against Players so yes please... please fix the "Magical Damage" on "Player Against Players"
  2. you surely need to be Patient to go with that Path... you will get slow leveling
  3. if you means is works on "Dual-Wield", that means yes is work Two-Handed and Dual-Wield is different on Luna Online World if you guys has more SP to spend, you can also try "Dual Blow" and "Fearful Massacre" These 2 skills is my Favorite Skills for SwordsMaster
  4. Trivia: Fighter is only class that on tier level 105 has 6 Jobs, while the other class only has 5 Jobs
  5. hmm, why not 135 dagger + 135 dagger ? '-'a
  6. yeah I agree, Level 145 is too far, change Job on Level 135 would be better
  7. the classic luna skill calculator has new link now, I already check it and is still fine if your mozzilla asking: Allow or Blocking, click "Continue Allow" for Silverlight plugin, and it will do loading, wait until 100%
  8. yes, please tell us more and report more about "Long Shot"... thanks for giving us the informations, it's really help I hope later Admins will fix or at least giving us the information about range-calculation, and another thing about it. (also, Needle Arrow> Piercing Arrow is "Melee Skill" I think)
  9. crafting new Two-Handed Swords, or do reskill and become Dual-Wield Swords is also okay
  10. Flower of Bravery, by Fripside
  11. for that case, is just wrong tooltip...
  12. Item Dupe (Duplicate Items) is "Bug Abusing" that was very most abused. well, is already Fixed because the "Shop Buy" cannot be applied anymore. (and anyway, I don't find any of good of that "shop buy" system, since this is Private Server with good Item Drops and Item Mall. So yeah is doesn't matter if it can't applied anymore)
  13. huh? did you mean "Long Shot" (Passive Skill) ? is supposedly increasing all range of Bow Attack and Bow Skills... but if you feel there is some skills that the rang is not increased, please tell to us too :)
  14. sorry Vincard, yes Monster Integers were deleted, it was because Celestia Luna doesn't have the "other Materials" to make that Summoning Books... we Old Players already check it on all NPC Items Sellers, but none of them have that "other Material". That's why I said that Monster Integers are useless on this Game, thus I suggest to Delete them...
  15. yes, it has the name of another Luna Online game so yes we cannot post the Link on here. also, don't forget to use Mozzilla Firefox, and don't use Google Chrome