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  1. Flower of Bravery, by Fripside
  2. for that case, is just wrong tooltip...
  3. Item Dupe (Duplicate Items) is "Bug Abusing" that was very most abused. well, is already Fixed because the "Shop Buy" cannot be applied anymore. (and anyway, I don't find any of good of that "shop buy" system, since this is Private Server with good Item Drops and Item Mall. So yeah is doesn't matter if it can't applied anymore)
  4. huh? did you mean "Long Shot" (Passive Skill) ? is supposedly increasing all range of Bow Attack and Bow Skills... but if you feel there is some skills that the rang is not increased, please tell to us too :)
  5. sorry Vincard, yes Monster Integers were deleted, it was because Celestia Luna doesn't have the "other Materials" to make that Summoning Books... we Old Players already check it on all NPC Items Sellers, but none of them have that "other Material". That's why I said that Monster Integers are useless on this Game, thus I suggest to Delete them...
  6. yes, it has the name of another Luna Online game so yes we cannot post the Link on here. also, don't forget to use Mozzilla Firefox, and don't use Google Chrome
  7. yes surely Magnus is next class of Rune Knight, but actually Magnus doesn't have Earth Wave... (if we going Knight or Phalanx to Magnus, we will not getting skill Earth Wave, as I remember it)
  8. we are usually using Classic Luna Online Skill Calculator '-' anymore question perhaps?
  9. I remember Magnus doesn't have Earth Wave, only Rune Knight has it '-'
  10. hmm, well maybe you just typo... the name is "Magnus" anyway (Magna/ Magnus it's from Latin if I remember it correctly, it's means "Grand or Great") -Magnus now supposedly using swords, either it's One-Handed+ Shield, or Dual-Wield (you can use Dual Blow on Dual-Wield now). If you use One-Handed+ Shield you use Magnus AoE skill: "Shield Punch" -Paladin has more Shield Skills and more Defends Skills than Magnus, that's all. -Swords Master has more Dual-Wield Skills and has higher Phy. Attack -I'm not PVP players so I cannot answer the Question about PVP... -Armors and another Equip now it's Max on Level 135, but of course you can Donate for getting Good Armors
  11. both of Fearful Massacre and Dual Blow are Hurts
  12. this is might be break rules, so yes we need to ask GM and Admin about this before we did it.
  13. o.o if you choose to safety play on NH, is also good too well, as I said before, even is on another game (not just Luna Online) leveling too fast is just not good enough without good equipment and golds... except you want to Donate to get some good equipment :) *flee-time ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (>'.')>
  14. yes they are, all window with yes or no can be accepted by enter button. (really annoying)...
  15. Fast leveling is not good enough if we are not balancing it with good equipment too, also with enough budget and golds. So yeah, fast leveling only is not good enough.