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  1. About Fighter In The Wind

    that boss is spawned on 1 place only on Nera Knight Graveyard... go to the "Ground Keeper Quarter" on this Map Image... (press W in game to see the map) :)
  2. Tooltip Bugs, report them all!

    Buff Musket Reloading: incorrect: Increases movement speed and reduce magic casting time. (Bows Only) correction: Decreasing Cooldown of your Musket Skills and Increase your Physical Attack Speed (Musket Only) 'w' /
  3. drop item

    when you hunting on NH and get drop item like this... did everyone get drop items with So High Phillo like this??? hahahaha
  4. this time I am playing Panzer and with the Support of Rune Master... 'w' / my Panzer has 2 playstyle, he can play with Musket or with Two-Handed Sword... please click on CC to turn on the Substitles... if you have Question or want to give some suggestion, feel free to comment
  5. Now Playing???

    even if..., by Tamaru Yamada... \ 'w' /
  6. About Monster Damage Rate

    we still need healers too back days ago... even we get 1 damages only, there is burns, poisons, and magical attacks from monsters hmm, but,... oh well... so this suggestion will be decline? (I guess)
  7. About Monster Damage Rate

    dear admins, can you please fix Monster Damage Rate back to normal like before... :( Fighter class and Mage class are relied on their Defends and can't hold too much Damages even is from Nera Harbor monsters (and even Paladin full Straight Path can't be tanker anymore now) :( so please the damage rate back to normal like before again...
  8. Musket Training Panzer

    hmm... ouwh ,okay thanks... let's waiting the confirmation from Admins... sorry for the inconvenience...
  9. hello Orange, I am really sorry about this but... uhm can you please change the Swords Storm back to Swords Only for it's weapon requirement... many of newbies and another Fighter Players feels they're lost 1 of their best AoE even though we are already using Two-Handed Swords...
  10. Double Sonic Boom

    Double Sonic Blast is for Swords Only as Weapon requirement there is no skills that's saying "Dual Wield Weapons" only for requirement...
  11. Musket Training Panzer

    how about relog? that's weird, my Physical Attack is Increased for Musket Training '-'a
  12. Musket Training Panzer

    that passive already fixed from long time ago... '-' b
  13. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    hmm... I see... which means we can use Swords Storm too on One-Handed Mace or One-Handed Axe too... (nod, nod, nod...)
  14. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    hello admins... may I know the reason of why the Swords Storm now it's become One-Handed only skill? (please give me a good reason behind this... balance... uh)