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  1. Minor Bug, again

    ok Orange, I will try imgur next time :)
  2. Now Playing???

    Fhana, The seed and the sower
  3. Minor Bug, again

    when I on Alker Harbor and going to Portal Ruins of Draconian, I've found this funny... the Image of the gate is turned Upside Down... (I mean look that street and the tree, is upside down) I don't know if there is same thing like on another map, I'm check them yet... hahaha
  4. Cant use 2 handed skills with muskets

    what Panzer need is that "Iron Night Shot" become AoE skills with good damage... also I remember about "Sword Storm" will be fixed again so it can be used without Sword-Weapon. with these 2 AoE skills, Panzer can get Leveling easier than before.
  5. Cant use 2 handed skills with muskets

    yup, Musket are not counted as "Two-Handed Weapon" so skill Earthquake can't be used while we using Musket
  6. need help, how to up aspd?

    ouwh, to increase attack speed is must be from your Passive Skills, Sword Rapidity also, if you from Rune Knight, skill Rampage Aura also increase your physical speed attack some items are also have an effect to increase Attack Speed, example: Muramasa Dex and Strike are not increasing Attack Speed, unfortunately Strike is for Accuracy, and Accuracy is used for against Evasion :)
  7. Job Passives Preview

    sorry, but yeah, Scout is for ELF only... :)
  8. well, if you have Armor Sets +12 with good VIT phillo, craft, and reinforce...
  9. Boss Grappler?

    it is Boss Grappler really exist on Celestia Luna? anyone help to answer please...? (I never saw that boss on Howling Ravine, I only saw Boss Latou,)
  10. Skill Temper Master Finally revealed

    this Guide is for explaining TM skills... is not a guide how to make TM War... sorry
  11. [Fighter] Paladin Guide

    if you more prefer swords for damage that's okay too... also if you are from Rune Knight, much of Skills must be using Swords too.
  12. -I dont understand about Upload you means... if it means weapon is must be Swords, because almost all Magnus Skills are using Swords - Status, is usually STR, with mix Equip VIT
  13. Monk itu kan dari Human Mage... jadi bikin aja Human Mage, selanjutnya kalo mau Cleric ya boleh, baru abis itu jadi Monk
  14. Perubahan sistem

    buy the gems... :3
  15. [Guide] Rune Walker - Sniper (Elf)

    if you want to pick from TH just because for Area Bombs, well that's also good idea... by any means, this is just a Guide, following the guide or not it's your choice