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  1. Tooltip Bugs, report them all!

    Buff Musket Reloading: incorrect: Increases movement speed and reduce magic casting time. (Bows Only) correction: Decreasing Cooldown of your Musket Skills and Increase your Physical Attack Speed (Musket Only) 'w' /
  2. drop item

    when you hunting on NH and get drop item like this... did everyone get drop items with So High Phillo like this??? hahahaha
  3. this time I am playing Panzer and with the Support of Rune Master... 'w' / my Panzer has 2 playstyle, he can play with Musket or with Two-Handed Sword... please click on CC to turn on the Substitles... if you have Question or want to give some suggestion, feel free to comment
  4. Now Playing???

    even if..., by Tamaru Yamada... \ 'w' /
  5. About Monster Damage Rate

    we still need healers too back days ago... even we get 1 damages only, there is burns, poisons, and magical attacks from monsters hmm, but,... oh well... so this suggestion will be decline? (I guess)
  6. About Monster Damage Rate

    dear admins, can you please fix Monster Damage Rate back to normal like before... :( Fighter class and Mage class are relied on their Defends and can't hold too much Damages even is from Nera Harbor monsters (and even Paladin full Straight Path can't be tanker anymore now) :( so please the damage rate back to normal like before again...
  7. Musket Training Panzer

    hmm... ouwh ,okay thanks... let's waiting the confirmation from Admins... sorry for the inconvenience...
  8. hello Orange, I am really sorry about this but... uhm can you please change the Swords Storm back to Swords Only for it's weapon requirement... many of newbies and another Fighter Players feels they're lost 1 of their best AoE even though we are already using Two-Handed Swords...
  9. Double Sonic Boom

    Double Sonic Blast is for Swords Only as Weapon requirement there is no skills that's saying "Dual Wield Weapons" only for requirement...
  10. Musket Training Panzer

    how about relog? that's weird, my Physical Attack is Increased for Musket Training '-'a
  11. Musket Training Panzer

    that passive already fixed from long time ago... '-' b
  12. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    hmm... I see... which means we can use Swords Storm too on One-Handed Mace or One-Handed Axe too... (nod, nod, nod...)
  13. Swords Storm now One-Handed only?

    hello admins... may I know the reason of why the Swords Storm now it's become One-Handed only skill? (please give me a good reason behind this... balance... uh)
  14. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    finally we get a new updates for Panzer and Sniper the Sniper are really fun to play now hehehehe Video has been deleted due the copyright song...
  15. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    I always do that on description... thanks to menition it... '-' b
  16. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    video sniper part 2 is out now... check this out now with buffs from Rune Master and hmm... from Panzer? I saw buff Solid Weapon level 4 on my buffs...
  17. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    as you see on the video, my sniper still have skills from TH, which means I am not do reset skills yet. I won't say Rune Knight> Panzer is bad, but I think Gladiator> Panzer still better. since the Swords Storm is not free weapon requirement anymore. you will only get 2 AoE from Panzer's Musket skills only. also Gladiator will give you High Buff STR and Warrior Form, which Rune Knight doesn't have it. and anyway, Musket is not Two-Handed Weapons, so it will be weird and it's not logic if we can use Two-Handed Skills on Musket. (example: we can use Burning Crash + Earth Quake on Musket, that's just weird)... Musket is weapon to do "Bullet Shot Attack", so it's just weird if we do Melee Attack with it. (just my opinion)...
  18. abis bikin video baru, check this out guys...
  19. Unselling

    if you means about "buyback items", I would agree other game online nowadays also has this feature as always Buyback Items it's menu beside Buy and Sell on NPC Shop on that menu, we can buy back the items we already sold to NPC but if we are disconnected from the game the buyback items menu is get reset (hmm well, just suggestion)
  20. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    I hope this is okay now... please click the "CC" to turn on the Subtitle Texts...
  21. [Video] Antoni77 playing Sniper

    due the copyright song, the video cannot be played and it's blocked by the youtube... my very apologize (this is so embarrassing) >w< the video is already deleted I will make the new video and re-upload it soon... (my really-deeply apologizing for the inconvenience) >w< on the new video I will certain some scene that going to New Maps, and also the New Summoning System
  22. About Corpse Take and Corpse Explosion

    hmm maybe... actually, I'm never take skill Corpse Explosion, because I think is bug somehow (not sure too) I'm usually using Corpse Taker, Venom Cloud, Vital Explosion, and then Fire Blast... (what is Corpse Explosion effect again? I forgot)
  23. Nera Harbor Panzer Test [1.7.1]

    woah you already make the video for panzer before me... >w< very good video... can you please update again if you already level 119 with that Rare Musket
  24. Failed to patch version 19...

    did you use VPN or any other proxy?