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  1. New Crafting System - Poll

    Gotta love the new crafting system just like in luna plus.
  2. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    What photo?
  3. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    ____________________ Posted August 30, 2011 · ____________________ Its been 5 years and the fire is still burning hot! haha Keep following my guide people!
  4. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    Nice job! haha!
  5. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    I might play again once the they update this server... Its been 4 years and nothing is new.
  6. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    yeah too wicked! haha
  7. 1st Generation to Present Generation [Known Guilds!]

    shinu, serene, banter and army of rohan are 1st gen guilds
  8. Para Sa Pinoy

    haha wala pa din bgo? nsa ibang place na kmi :D
  9. P.def/vit Tm

    Entrapper full vit/pdef.. DOT type. Let them bleed to death.
  10. Backtrack

    My destro with my noob friend arz haha :P Taiseki the perv XD I know zaza and he's a friend cocky but cool just ride along. Respect to Dragon and SolitaryDeath the old timers I know. Respect to Anton my long time rival and a friend. My friends from Indonesia wazzup Virtual Sky! *Laurel still smelly XD
  11. Pano Po Mag Play Sa Mac?

    Dude theres no windows 7 for mac just buy or download a windows 7 os and install it on VMWare or other virtual machines available. :D
  12. Question! :d

    Just a tip for hunting. Once the server restarts, all mobs, bosses spawns even tarintus :) Set a timer after you killed a boss and after it re spawns again. A good hunter knows its prey XD
  13. Attacks Speed

    Attack speed is for skill shots animation boost, compared to mages its like reduce cast time. Physical Attack Speed is for basic melee or range attacks.
  14. NoMercy

    I do. :)
  15. Para Sa Pinoy

    Anong bago sa luna? bakasyon na ah haha parang gusto ko mg laro. nag release na ba ng patch?