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  1. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    Here's my guide for sword-user destroyer: (The 1st Sword-Type Destroyer that changed the Blue Land.) Human Path: Guard > Swordman > Knight > Destroyer STATS: At level 1-130 go for pure VIT for leveling purposes then after that switch to either full DEX or VIT or go hybrid (50%vit and 50%dex) STR = p.atk / 20str = 1 strike VIT = p.def / HP recovery / maximum HP DEX = critical damage / critical rate / evasion / strike going full vit is best for pvp going full dex is best for war going full str is just a waste of time Guard Skills Max level all of the following skills if possible. Blessing Guard Fighter Heart Crash Blow Uppercut Burning Rage Heavy Armor Expertise Two-Handed Training Sword Training Swordman Skills Max level all of the following skills if possible. Crash Blow > Burning Crash Uppercut > Earthquake Sonic Boom Sword Storm Warrior Form Fighter Heart Sword Accuracy Knight Max level all of the following skills if possible. Sonic Boom Sword Storm Divine Justice Armor Synchro Weapon Synchro Solid Weapon Blessing Guard Heavy-Armor Expertise Attract Circle Lv. 1 only Destroyer Max level all of the following skills if possible. Risk Taker Rage Burst Fighter Heart Warrior Form Burning Rage Two-Handed Training Sword Training Burning Crash Lv. 25 (important) Earthquake Lv. 20 (21+ will be bugged) Sword Storm Lv 20 (20 is enough conserve Skill Points) Fearful Blow Despair The reason I get only 2 AOE skills is to conserve Skill Points and max all important passive skills as soon as possible >>Combo for stun locking the mobs: Earthquake > Despair > Swordstorm. rinse and repeat >>For Boss like Wookies / Fighter in the Wind Burning Crash > Despair rinse and repeat Question & Answer: Q: Why use sword instead of axe ? A: The skill "Rage Burst" works only for sword. Rage burst gives 24% crit damage while Axe Mortality gives 12.5% crit damage and some critical rate. Q: Why Guard instead of Warrior ? A: Well its not a big deal but the reason is.. From Guard i get Lv.10 Enhanced HP Q: Why Swordman instead of Mercenary? A: From Swordman I get a skill Spirit Sword which is useful against Mages. Q: Why Knight instead of Gladiator? A: From Knight I get the skills Divine Justice/ Armor Synchro / Weapon Syncro / Solid Weapon / Lv. 15 Heavy Armor Expertise, this skills are very useful. Gladiator doesn't offer any HP regen or P..Def at all so its useless and all skills of Gladiator is available in Destroyer Destroyer are to kill everything in its path in just 1 single blow or several combos but the downside is they dont have good P.Def rate but theres a solution for that. The path I choose have everything needed for survival: never-miss skill Fearful Blow long range skill Sonic Boom non-targeting AOE with stun Earthquake and paralyzing skill Despair fast HP regeneration skill Divine Justice One-hitting skill Burning Crash End Game Items: Weapon / Armors / Accessories Note: Weapon and Armors must be enchant to +12 or Higher as soon as possible. For Weapon 2h Sword Dragon Slayer 30str[C] 20+str[P] 100critical [R] For Armors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Holy Armor 24str[C] 20+str[P] 35str[R] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Hidden Blade Set 2/2) Hidden Blade Gloves 20+str[P] 35str[R] Hidden Blade Necklace 20+str[p] or Use HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 115 Heavy Boots 30str[C] 20+str[P] 90+movement speed[R] or Holy Boots 20+str[P] 90+ movement speed[R] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kynee 20+str[P] 35 DEX[R] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For Accessories [Rings] 2pcs Hathor's Rings 25+str[p] or Use HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk or 2pcs Hathors with 25+vit[p] [Earrings] 2pcs Flickering Magic Earring and Use HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk [Belt] Any of the Following Dragon Slayer Belt Weapon Master HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk Dragon Slayer Belt Armor Master HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk Dragon Slayer Belt Log Master HC Orichalcum for 18+P.atk [note: DS weapon master and log master have the same damage output] [HC Orichalcum are available in Item Mall] Costumes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Black Widow Leader Suit 10% P.atk / Move speed / HP / MP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Panda Boots 5% Move Speed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Legend: The Lower Ends of Goddes (aka Legend Cape) 90+ critical rate[P] use Keen Assassin Amulet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Critical Slime 193 Critical 5 Accuracy 87 Movespeed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force 2% P.atk 1 Evasion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bachelor Hat of Refining 3% P.atk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (VIP 2/6) +119 Movespeed +2 INT +3 Wisdom VIP Gloves +3 STR VIP eyepatch 100 HP 50 MP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ End Game Skills: Buffs MAX LEVEL -------------------------------------- Solid Weapon Fighter Heart Warrior Form Blessing Guard Armor Synchro Weapon Synchro Burning Rage Lace -------------------------------------- For Healing: Divine Justice Spirit aid -------------------------------------- Attack Skills Lv.25 Burning Crash Lv.20 Earthquake Lv.20 Sonic Boom Lv.5 Fearful Blow Lv.5 Despair Lv.10 Spirit Sword Lv.15 Sword Storm -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Passive Skills Lv.25 Two-Handed Training Lv.25 Sword Traning Lv.25 Sword Rapidity Lv.3 Sword Accuracy Lv.10 Heavy Weapon Accuracy Lv.15 Heavy Armor Expertise Lv.8 Risk Taker Lv.6 Rage Burst Lv.10 Enhance HP -------------------------------------------- Total of 2522 SP at Lv.140 --------------------------------------------
  2. New Crafting System - Poll

    Gotta love the new crafting system just like in luna plus.
  3. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    What photo?
  4. A Wall with Spikes [1h-Paladin Guide]

    Race: Elf Path: Warrior > Swordsman > Rune Knight > Paladin Stats: STR Leveling Spots: Lv 1 - 20 > Ruins of Draconian Lv 21 - 40 > Moonblind Forest Lv 41 - 50 > Way to Howling Ravine Lv 51 - 65 > Howling Ravine (Cyclops Area) Lv 66 - 83 > Howling Cave 1st Floor and 2nd Floor Lv 84 - 90 > Valley of Fairy (Treants Area) Lv 91 - 100 > Corpse Dating (get 1 dummy char lvl 81 use it for DD and then inside DD room let the dummy die so you can have great exp) > or Ghost Tree Swamp Lv 101 - 105 > Naila Harbor Lv 105 - 111> Great Garden (Mantis Area,requires 5k+ P.Def, 220+ Strike) Lv 111+ > Graveyard of Nera Knights (Tombs Area) Equipments: Armors: Lv 60: Ogre Hero Set (no need to reinforce or enchant) Lv 70: Tarintus Helm Lv 80: Seven Guardian Set or Berserker Set(Reinforce with VIT and if possible enchant it to +12) Lv 105: Holy Iron Set (enchant to +13 if possible) Armor > 44Vit[craft] 25+STR or VIT[philo] +35 STR or VIT[rein] Gloves > 25+ STR or VIT[philo] 35 STR[rein] Boots > 25+ STR or VIT[philo] 25 VIT[rein] Lv 106: Kynee (enchant to +13 if possible, 20+ STR or VIT options, +35Dex[rein]) Accessory: Lv. 1-104 Tiny Crystal Stone Lv. 1-104 Flickering Earring Lv. 1-104 Chivalry of the Church Lv. 1-104 Dragon Slayer Belt (STR, with 17-20 p.atk option) Lv. 105 Hathors Ring (options STR or VIT 20+) Costumes: Dual Cosmic Mirror Legend: Lower ends of Goddess Angry Green Lizard Glasses STR Any costumes 4/5 (P.def + critical damage) or Black Widow Leader suit gloves with STR shoes with STR Hat of Refining or Jack o Lantern Weapons: (enchant +12 / reinforced with max Physical Attack / Options STR or VIT) At early stage use 2h weapons to grind alone :) Lv 40> Decapitator Lv 63> Ancient Axe Lv 83> Kimballs Battle Axe Lv 101> Golden Axe Skills: Fighter: Crash Blow > Max Uppercut > Max 2Hand Training > Max Axe Training > Max Axe Mortality > Max Fighters Heart > Max Nature Shield > Max Warrior: Uppercut > Max 2Hand Training > Max Axe Training > Max Axe Mortality > Max Fighters Heart > Max Nature Shield > Max Risk Taker > Max Wheelwind > Max Warrior Form > Max Swordsman: Burning Crash > Max Earthquake > Max 2Hand Training > Max Axe Training > Max Axe Mortality > Max Nature Shield > Max Swordstorm > Max Sonic Boom > Max Rune Knight Burning Crash > Max Earthquake > Max 2Hand Training > Max Axe Training > Max Axe Mortality > Max Nature Shield > Max Rune Impact > Max Heavy Armor Expertise > Max Max All Aura Paladin: 2Handed Weapon Heavy Weapon Accuracy > Max 2Hand Training > Max Axe Training > Max Axe Mortality > Max Nature Shield > Max Sword Accuracy > Max Heavy Armor Expertise > Max Blessing Guard > Max Troopership > Max Enhanced HP > Max Relaxation > Max Attract Circle > Lv.1 and now for PVP >:) Paladin: 1h Weapon + Shield pick any weapon you like :) +13 Deathmaker 30str[craft] 25+str[philo] +100 Crit rate[rein] +13 Warlord 30str[craft] 25+str[philo] +100 Crit rate[rein] +13 Genocide 30str[craft] 25+str[philo] +100 Crit rate[rein] and +13 AIAS SHIELD :) Why?? Sword for Fast Skills (Sword Rapidity) Mace for Physical Defense (Mace Protection) Axe for Higher Critical Rate and Damage (Axe Mortality) Skills: Passives: Shield Training > Max 1Hand Training > Max Nature Shield > Max Heavy Weapon Accuracy > Max Heavy Armor Expertise > Max Troopership > Max Enhanced HP > Max Relaxation > Max Sword Accuracy > Max Active Skills (offensive): Blunt Shield > MAX Sonic Boom > MAX Rage Sword > MAX Rune Impact > MAX Strike Attack/Dual Attack > MAX Active Skills (buffs): Max all Aura Solid Shield > MAX Fighters Heart > MAX Invulnerable > MAX Blessing Guard > MAX Warrior Form > MAX Fighters Heart > MAX Nature Shield > MAX Shield Barrier > MAX [ Pick Skills According to what weapon you are using. ] Sword: Sword Rapidity / Sword Training > MAX Mace: Mace Protection / Mace Training > MAX Axe: Axe Mortality / Axe Training > MAX
  5. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    ____________________ Posted August 30, 2011 · ____________________ Its been 5 years and the fire is still burning hot! haha Keep following my guide people!
  6. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    Nice job! haha!
  7. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    I might play again once the they update this server... Its been 4 years and nothing is new.
  8. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    yeah too wicked! haha
  9. 1st Generation to Present Generation [Known Guilds!]

    shinu, serene, banter and army of rohan are 1st gen guilds
  10. Para Sa Pinoy

    haha wala pa din bgo? nsa ibang place na kmi :D
  11. P.def/vit Tm

    Entrapper full vit/pdef.. DOT type. Let them bleed to death.
  12. Backtrack

    My destro with my noob friend arz haha :P Taiseki the perv XD I know zaza and he's a friend cocky but cool just ride along. Respect to Dragon and SolitaryDeath the old timers I know. Respect to Anton my long time rival and a friend. My friends from Indonesia wazzup Virtual Sky! *Laurel still smelly XD
  13. Pano Po Mag Play Sa Mac?

    Dude theres no windows 7 for mac just buy or download a windows 7 os and install it on VMWare or other virtual machines available. :D
  14. Question! :d

    Just a tip for hunting. Once the server restarts, all mobs, bosses spawns even tarintus :) Set a timer after you killed a boss and after it re spawns again. A good hunter knows its prey XD
  15. Attacks Speed

    Attack speed is for skill shots animation boost, compared to mages its like reduce cast time. Physical Attack Speed is for basic melee or range attacks.
  16. NoMercy

    I do. :)
  17. Para Sa Pinoy

    Anong bago sa luna? bakasyon na ah haha parang gusto ko mg laro. nag release na ba ng patch?
  18. Netherdrake - The Destroyer

    You can start using 2h Axe as a starter. Once you reach 115, change weapon type to 2H sword
  19. Lf> Laurel

    yohoo smelly! pm me XD
  20. Pwede Kayang One Big Happy Family?

    pag naglaro ulit ako try ko mkuha ulit ung no mercy :D
  21. Napapansin Nyo Ba ?

    sinubukan ko n dati pagsamasamahin mga pinoy players eh kaso un iba kumampi sa klaban mga indo sa huli my kakampi dn ako mga indo haha gnun tlga eh
  22. [Barangay Hall] Question,help,suggestion,tambayan Center Ii

    once na mg down ang server hintayin nyo mg up tpos puntahan nyo sila tarintus or kierra haha gnyan kami mg camping dati
  23. Is Paypal Not Working Or Something

    hey noob u seriously gonna play? Warned
  24. Oat Is Here