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  1. Yooohh.. Good Luck for you guys. Hope u can make Equality great again @Jonah
  2. Cipicipucicupamida :rolleyes:
  3. Good Luck bang dudi kakwkaekeke
  4. try here
  5. Du.. Ra.. Ra.. Ra.. Ra.. Ra!!
  6. There goes my ring.. It might as well have been shattered.. And I'm here to sing.. About the things that mattered.. About the things that made us feel alive for oh so long.. About the things that kept you on my side when I was wrong ~

    1. babynyan


      wew profile picture nui siapa ;;'

  7. Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnpoooooooooooooooo.....

    1. babynyan



  8. Ima waiting for u at next holiday <3 ok?
  9. Character name : Nuiichiro Cloak name : Cloak of Endless Warrior
  10. Participants : Nuiichiro and iPunyuru Maps : 1. Alker farm 2. Gate of alker 3. Nera Casttle 1. 2. 3.
  11. OwO How can?.. Hello melindd mwahah.. how are yy. where s your mikasaa?
  12. One Ok Rock - Living Dolls ~