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  1. Hehe... nice, so i really confident that u r always know, i just to make sure, great! Simply the Best.

    1. Atiqah


      what? XD


  2. the 2nd table shown the picture of fighter passive skill
  3. Green for Human only, Purple for Elf only, White all Ras


  4. Green for human, purple for Elf n White all ras. Fighter Class Passive Color shown as Job Change.
  5. I wanna share Fighter Class Passive table for guidance.


  6. Yeay... Event! a Summer Postcard, Many thanks for the event GM, :love: .

    C'mon guys/gals participate, it's easy... find the moment in game, SS - crop it, edit lil bit to make look nice n put it in to the frame, n submit Done! 

  7. IGN: Misshy
  8. I wish there r Fanart season 2  :P

  9. Fanart.... mmm. mmm... mmm... thinking... mmm... mmm.... :D

  10. Hiks... why my CL so lag... T_T, after my char show up but it cant buffing even chatting  

    1. aymar89


      - Is your connection well ?
      Try to do some pings like ping

      - Is your computer GPU / Graphic Card have some problems?
      Maybe you can tell me what computer you are using.

      - Is this problem happened before?

    2. kikijo


      btw thanks for concern aymar89... its only my connection issue :)

  11. no PvP (Player versus Player) anymore? sob T_T

  12. Wow... Gorgeous new Wings, cute costume n pet too... i love it. Bravo CL

  13. 15 minutes ago Orange said that: " Our website is under maintenance and all features are currently disabled. You will be able to access it in a couple of hours. " n i say "be patient guys/gals n just relax, :P

  14. i've been waiting for this big update, at last.. i'm super happy... thanks a lot for CLs staff . include the new items, i love CL.