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  1. Yeay... BRAVO CLO... at last... the things that i'm waiting for is coming, Character Information improved n other things that makes me more excited bout this game, btw HBD CLO wish u all d'best n long lasting. 

  2. Manual: How to make color pigment and color dye


  3. ye ye ye.. up coming summer event :)

  4. Thanks lots GMs for CLO Updated, n Passive Job has been applied, n some new cute costumes n items in IS, hope this game more n more exciting. best regards for all of u <3.

  5. The one that I love about Celestia Luna Online r the costumes, fashionable, cool costumes n could be mix and match, luv CLO.

  6. New kind of fishie... LOL


    1. Orange


      Please report this kind of behavior. Walking into non-walkable zones is bug abusing and results in a ban.

  7. Happy Anniversary 7th Celestia Luna Online, wishing u all the best, God bless u n long lasting, i love u.

    CL Anniversar 7th 04.jpg

  8. Happy Anniversary 7th Celestia Luna Online, wishing u all the best, God bless u n long lasting, i love u.

  9. Hehe... nice, so i really confident that u r always know, i just to make sure, great! Simply the Best.

  10. Green for Human only, Purple for Elf only, White all Ras


  11. I wanna share Fighter Class Passive table for guidance.


  12. Yeay... Event! a Summer Postcard, Many thanks for the event GM, :love: .

    C'mon guys/gals participate, it's easy... find the moment in game, SS - crop it, edit lil bit to make look nice n put it in to the frame, n submit Done! 

  13. I wish there r Fanart season 2  :P

  14. Fanart.... mmm. mmm... mmm... thinking... mmm... mmm.... :D

  15. Hiks... why my CL so lag... T_T, after my char show up but it cant buffing even chatting  

    1. aymar89


      - Is your connection well ?
      Try to do some pings like ping

      - Is your computer GPU / Graphic Card have some problems?
      Maybe you can tell me what computer you are using.

      - Is this problem happened before?

    2. kikijo


      btw thanks for concern aymar89... its only my connection issue :)

  16. no PvP (Player versus Player) anymore? sob T_T

  17. Wow... Gorgeous new Wings, cute costume n pet too... i love it. Bravo CL

  18. 15 minutes ago Orange said that: " Our website is under maintenance and all features are currently disabled. You will be able to access it in a couple of hours. " n i say "be patient guys/gals n just relax, :P

  19. i've been waiting for this big update, at last.. i'm super happy... thanks a lot for CLs staff . include the new items, i love CL.

  20. Loves this game (CL), n hope it will be everlasting.