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  1. Connect to IRC using HexChat [Updated]

    how to use IRC on BlackBerry? i cant find any simmiliar programs like x-chat
  2. GUILD WAR Idea

    ohh i tought atacker kill the leader of defender and count as winner. and then atacker become defender until few round. to win the battle lemme double read ur post. xD
  3. GUILD WAR Idea

    tell me when u ready, and how many player u want us to join. the system just like kill the King and won rite?
  4. GUILD WAR Idea

    wanna do it with shinu? just for introduce each other.. friendly match
  5. GUILD WAR Idea

    Goverment, please support this idea. its like tower defence DoTa
  6. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    magic deals more to pve, no wonder it can be 10m dmage. i was tried, but mine only 40k ;~; *white flag*
  7. ~~ Celestia Luna Plus !!!!!! ~~~~~~~

    Celestia Luna Alpha+ FTW!!
  8. Costumes Design Event [ Results Out ]

    IGN: Reiana ^_^ lol
  9. which better for farming in NH?

    1 hand, bcos...... pinalty dual for low lv char.
  10. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    huwaaaaaaaaa!!! fifin 2M dmage. imbaa
  11. 2hand Magnus Guide

    eh typo.. lol only lv 20 xD i write it myself >< [edited]
  12. Human or Elf?

    no time for use predator if u on war. and predator has 100000 years cooldown ill choose elf bcos cute and white skin :D
  13. NoMercy

    we are here started from NM, i never forget NM
  14. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    He proof that if, acc full HC ori is better than acc Full Str :3
  15. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    is stalker colecting AK? lol post stalker 500 eva and 500 strike too. he has set strike and eva XDDD and.. about abugosok. L said to orange, and orange told me. L found Id: wekek12 (idk its right or not, *forgot*) was trying to RMT by sell via Pulsa. then L ban all IP related with that ID/IP. im sorry to hear that :( poor bang sattria