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  1. Amulet that grants vit stats

    Yeah. Thanks, I just made sure because it only said wis. in the description. :D
  2. Amulet that grants vit stats

    Anyone know what amulet it is? Or is it even an amulet? Thanks!
  3. Guild wizard

    Yes it does, and the success rate is very slim. It is used in enchanting items above +12.
  4. Asking

    You should take priest instead of sorcerer. And job passives are not implemented here. (:
  5. CelestiaLuna RecordBook

    Highest mdef: 2829 :ph34r:
  6. i can't switch sides, i'll just support you . (gives -rep) xD

  7. join the dark side and harness the negativity powers!!! mwahaha~

    there's no benefit joining the good side...

  8. evil to the core :o

  9. not same, but ALL B)

  10. want some melon? :o

  11. HC ? INT philo ? -____- ll

    M.attack doesn't affect int but int affects m.attack. Int = magical damage and magical critical. M.attack = pure damage.
  12. read inside :)

    :/ Hege is your option if you don't want the -speed in gemini.
  13. hi there... can I ask?

    Full support: Wizard > Sorcerer > Bishop > Rune Master With some attack skills/aoe: Wizard > Priset > Warlock > Rune Master :o