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Found 1 result

  1. [MD] Mace Destroyer

    Mace Destroyer??What the hell is that? o.O Before I continue this guide, I will try to predict few questions that might come according to this guide Q : Why did u make it? A : I was bored n wondering what's the purpose of 2H-mace in this game :rolleyes: Q : Why do u choose Destroyer? A : Beside destroyer is the one and only class who has max level of Mace Training & Mace Protection, mace gives more defense but no added effect on offense like critical damage & critical rate from Axe Mortality or attack speed from Sword Rapidity, so I choose Destroyer to cover the damage output from its passives and buffs Q : Is it cool? A : Depends on..if u are talking about offensive side, it might be worse than sword or axe user, but if u are talking about this class's pretty cool!since I'm not sure there are a lot of people will make this one ~just kidding I hadn't have a destroyer before, so I can't give to much comment about comparing between these 3 types of destroyer.. I will just post my MD's SS so others can judge if it's good or not ;) That's for the introduction.. Now..let's start the guide! 1. Paths There aren't much different with other type of Destros The path that I took was : Fighter>Warrior>Swordman>Phalanx>Destroyer Q : Why did u choose Phalanx?not Knight? A : The main reason was a simple mind..One of the purpose from making this character is for war, from my experience sometimes we don't even have time to use buffs in war after we revive, so I prefer Phalanx with more passives, especially in defense to Knight which has pretty good ACTIVE buffs. Another reason?Mace adds defense and combining with passives from Phalanx = Battle Tank (?) Q : Why did u choose Swordman and Warrior? A : Passive bonuses job don't work in CL so I chose those classes only to add skill for my Destro :) 2. Status To maximize the basic of MD, being balanced between offense and defense, any stat from these options should be fine : - Full Vitality stats with full Strength equipments - Full Stength stats with full Vitality equipments or - Strength and Vitality mixed for both stats and equipments 3. Equipments As I stated in Status section, my equipments are Vitality or Strength mixed 2x HaThor's Ring with STR and Vitality [P] 2x Earring of Flickering Magic with Vitality [P] Legend : Chivalry of the Church's with physical attacking power [HC] Dragon Slayer - Log Master with physical attacking power [HC] Holy Iron Chain Knight's Set with STR and Vitality [P] + STR [C] for the armor Kynee with Vitality [P] Mighty Sceptor with STR [P] Any questions according this section please just reply the topic, since there are a lot of options for items such as: Hegemonic Rainbow,Artifact Set,115 Set, etc Equipments by levels : 1-54 : NPC Set - since it's faster to keep killing mobs than finding rare items at these levels 54-75 : Armor : Tyrant's Heavy Armor Defense: 84 Drop: Cyclops Tyrant's Gauntlets Defense: 18 Drop: Skeleton Knight Tyrant's Boots Defense: 21 Drop: Skeleton Set Bonuses: Physical Attack +7% Skill: [Attack Speed +5%] +1 Helm and weapon : Butcher's Leather Helmet Defense: 18 Drop: Rageful Cyclops Cruel Butcher (2H Blunt) Attack Power 119 / Magic Attack 53 STR +7 DEX +7 VIT +7 Drop: Latou (Boss) Set Bonuses: [2 Items] HP +75 STR +7 Accessories : Earring of Flickering Magic Physical Defense 10 / Magical Defense 18 INT +3 VIT +7 WIS +9 HP +15 MP +25 Drop : Makas (Boss) Legend : Chivalry of the Church's Strength +15 Physical Attack +9% Physical Defense +6% HP Recovery +5 Movement Speed +15 Drop : Tarintus (Boss) Dragon Slayer - Log Master Strength +12 Dexterity +18 Vitality +12 Intelligence +12 Wisdom +12 Critical Damage +5% Drop : Tarintus (Boss) 75-105 : Armor : Seven Guardian Plate Armor Defense: 167 STR -10 VIT +15 Lucky Box 77 - The 2nd Seven Guardian Plate Gauntlet Defense: 40 VIT +5 WIS +5 Lucky Box 77 - The 2nd Seven Guardian Plate Boots Defense: 34 VIT +5 Lucky Box 77 - The 2nd Set Bonuses: Physical Defense +5% Magic Defense +5% HP Recovery +9 Skill: [Flame Wave] +1 Weapon : Panaceae's Hammer of the Ocean Drop : Tarintus (Boss) 4. Skills Fighter Uppercut 5 Fighter's Heart 1 Burning Rage 1 Two Handed Training 5 Mace Training 5 Warrior Uppercut 5 Fighter's Heart 1 Risk Taker 2 Burning Rage 1 Warrior Form 2 Two Handed Training 5 Mace Training 5 Wheel Wind 5 Swordman Earthquake 5 Two Handed Training 5 Mana Control 5 Mana Storm 4 Phalanx Attract Circle 1 Crash Blow 10 Burning Crash 5 Toopership 4 Heavy Armor Expertise 20 Blessing Guard 6 Mace Protection 20 Blood Leak 6 Lash 2 Relaxation 2 Enhanced HP 20 Magic Barrier 10 Sword Storm 6 Destroyer -will be posted later since I'm still finding the best skill build- Q : Do I need a skill initialize scroll at 105? A : U don't really have to if u don't want..But I chose to re-skill for being full leveling mode 5. Conclusion In the end, I can conclude that this build isn't as bad as I wondered before It's quite interesting and exciting because of its rarity It has lower damage to be compared with sword or axe user, but it has more defense It might have more damage if I go Knight, but I went Phalanx for the reason I have stated before That's all I can tell for now :D Hope it will help I'm very open for any suggests or comments