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Found 3 results

  1. Was wondering if I could get the screen resolution to fit my monitor so I could full screen, and found this thread: Figured since it's been a few months since that post I'd bring the topic back up. I tried to edit myself, but it seems to be coded somewhere else where editing the config file doesn't do anything.
  2. Full Screen?

    Now, I have looked at through all of the posts, including the one about making the screen resolution larger. But what I'm very curious about, is how to make the screen resolution full screen, is it possible? A friend I wish to play with is very stubborn, always wanting games to be full screen. His game also has a problem, he can't see parts of things, like his skill bar so he can't really use any skills or even set them, so that's another reason why he would like full screen. I would also like the same, I always did enjoy having games full screen. Also, his resolution is larger than what they offer. Please help, asap. Thank you. c:
  3. Is there any way of costume screen resolutions? Your stander 1024x768 doesn't show everything on the game screen and cuts off an inch from the button making it hard for my to use the chat and my menu bar ... ( I have tryed dragging them but they won't stay in place... and i can't move the chat box ) This could really help me out alot if they was a way you guys could make this happen