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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, after i click CL shortcut in dekstop, it said "Patcher has stopped working". i already try to repair my netframework, and still no progress.. can you guys help me? Thanks !!
  2. Hello its been a while trying to update your new patch and its seems that it does not allow me to update. At certain point when the patch reach the file "97_Challenge_Zone.mp3" it suddenly stops and says "Failed to Patch Version 8 (Network Error)". I done some research and look for manual patch, but no luck If you'll say to disable, add to exclusion in my anti virus, i say - we have none, i tried pinging google, as well as celestia luna's website while doing the patch, but no luck... if your asking what about the PC: this is Windows 7 (64-bit) all computers since it a shop, and we played fine just before this update.. See Screenshot
  3. Hi, my client has auto patched. Any patchnotes?
  4. Was wondering if I could get the screen resolution to fit my monitor so I could full screen, and found this thread: Figured since it's been a few months since that post I'd bring the topic back up. I tried to edit myself, but it seems to be coded somewhere else where editing the config file doesn't do anything.
  5. I have Terraria for PC, but two days ago took a new update, which I only get when you buy the game on Steam, but I do not buy it because a cousin gave me the game, as I can then update if you do not buy ? :huh:
  6. Can someone help me with this? I just downloanded Luna and when i open it, it gives me "unable to get update 08 -2.luna" error at the bottom? Please help :c