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Found 1 result

  1. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    Hello, my name is in the top left of this post. I've been playing the destroyer for two years now, constantly, and I've tried out numerous strategies for this class, each of which I have found effective. In this guide, I will outline the stats, skills and equipment for a destroyer, plus an extra section giving a few tips on how to use this class effectively against all classes. I hope you guys find this guide informative. Changelog: Firstly, we will be going the path Guard > Swordsman > Knight > Destroyer. Why Guard? Simply because it grants level 10 enhanced HP. The only problem is you sacrifice Risk Taker for level 105. If you'd rather not level slowly and are prepared to lose 5 levels of enhanced HP, go ahead and choose Warrior. For stats, you'll want to go VIT for leveling until 125 - 130, the reason being you'll be grinding at levels 1 - 125 in various places, and if you go pure DEX from the start, you'll lose a lot of HP and defense. Don't even bother going pure STR, unless of course you're going to hybrid DEX and STR, which is your choice, I've never tried it out but, common sense tells me you'll get decent results. Max the red skills first, above all else, then the orange skills, then the yellow ones, and the green ones only if you want to spend SP. If the skill does not specifically state to max it, don't. Get level one only. The green skills are completely optional. Note that by saving SP in lower levels, you won't have to struggle in higher levels to advance skills since you didn't put as much SP in the green skills. Fighter's Heart - Max Burning Rage - Max Two Handed Training - Max Crash Blow - Max Sword Training - Max Uppercut - Level 1 or Max Enhanced HP - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Burning Rage - Max Blessed Guard - Max Sword Training - Max Enhanced HP - Max Blood Leak - Max Sword Storm - Max Sonic Boom - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Sword Accuracy - Max Crash Blow -> Burning Crash - Max or Level 1 Burning Crash Uppercut -> Earthquake - Max Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Mana Storm Spirit Sword Spirit Aid Lash Divine Justice - Max Weapon Synchro - Max Solid Weapon - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Armor Synchro - Max Attract Circle Sonic Boom - Max Sword Storm - Level 11 Lash - Max If you've followed the guide exactly, you shouldn't need a reskill at this point. If you've taken a little too many extra skills, you'll be better off with a reskill. Risk Taker - Max Rage Burst - Max Despair - Max Fearful Blow - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Burning Rage - Max Burning Crash - Max Earthquake - Level 20, you can go more but it will be bugged, I've heard you need to target in order to use it after level 20. Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Heavy Weapon Accuracy - Max Sword Rapidity - Max Lash - Max Wheel Wind Firstly, I will tell you that equipment is not everything, and I know this by experience. If you know me well, you can openly say I actually don't have very good items. However the passives of a destroyer and the sheer power makes up for it, you will need some decent gear to harness the full strength of this class. The "-" are your main gear, and the "+" is your secondary gear, not required but recommended.. If there are more than two "-" you need to choose which will suit you best and stick with it. Usually the first item is the most commonly used. Weapon - Dragonslayer (25+ str craft, 15+ str philo, 90+ crit rein) - Blade of the Sun (25 str+ philo, 110+ crit rein/25+ patk rein) + Muramasa (15+ agi philo, 110+ crit rein) Helmet - Kynee (+15 str philo, +30 dex rein) - Kynee (+15 vit philo, +30 dex rein) + Kynee (+10 strike philo, +33 dex rein) - Tarintus Helmet (+23 dex rein, +20 str philo) Chestplate - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ dex craft, 20+ agi philo, 30+ vit rein) Gloves - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ str rein, 15+ str philo) - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ vit rein, 15+ agi philo) - Hidden Blade Gloves / Artifact: Fragments of the Hidden (20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) Boots (I don't know which is more common here) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ agi philo, 80+ move speed rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ dex craft, 20+ dex philo, 20+ dex rein) Rings - 2x Hathor (15+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (8+ strike philo, no rein required) Earrings - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (12+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Earring of Desire/Hegemonic Rainbow (19.5+ patk hc, no rein required) Necklace - Artifact: The Hidden Power Mark/Hidden Blade Necklace (19+patk hc, 600+ hp rein) - Necklace of the Living Body (15+ str philo, 500+ hp rein) Belt - Dragon Slayer Weapon Master (19+ patk hc) + Barbarian's Belt Head - Crit Slime (+193 Critical Rate variant) Eyes - Passion of the Classic Hopi Glasses (+5 Strength/Vitality Variant) Extra Slot - Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force (+2% Physical Attack Variant) - Nice Executive G. Guardian Cape - Phixus Cloak (+80 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (+90 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (15+ vit philo) Costume Head - Bachelor Hat of Refining (+3% Physical Attack Variant) - VIP Hat (Don't know the full name) Costume Body - Black Widow Leader's Suit Costume Gloves - Panda Gloves (+5% Physical Attack Speed) - Any costume gloves with +5 strength. - VIP Gloves (Don't know the full name) Costume Boots - Panda Boots (+10% Movement Speed) - Any costume boots with +5 strength. - VIP Boots (Don't know the full name) Ever heard of that quote? It basically states that the mind is more powerful than the body. In this case, strategy is more powerful than power. Does it matter if you one-hit everything? Absolutely not. Sure you may get laughed at but, at least you KILLED the other person. So with a destroyer, main skill is Burning Crash, you gotta have that as your main skill, if you don't you're screwed. Secondary skill: Fearful Blow, it's mid-ranged and never misses. Tertiary skill and long-range smacker-downer: Sonic Boom, this skill will two-shot most enemies if you have the right damage. Paladins, just get the first BC in and hope you stun, then Despair and lock 'em down with it. If Despair and Burning Crash fails, use Fearful Blow. The stun is long, so try to avoid stunning while it's active. Despair just as the stun is ending and paralyse the target. Then Burning Crash as Despair is active and repeat. Make sure Despair is constantly on. Same with elf paladins and Magnuses, try to get as close as you can and if possible, use your Muramasa to counter the speed of Rune Impact, if it stuns and RI wasn't cast, just repeat the steps above and if you can, switch to your Dragonslayer. Magnuses, for dual wielders, the only real thing you can try to do is get in close and BC, if not, run AWAY and use Sonic Boom. You don't want them to get RI in on you, if they do, it's over. Two handed magnus, just BC and they're done for, if you can, Sonic Boom would be nice too. One handers, refer to the strategy for "paladins." Swordmasters, if you can Sonic Boom them for at least 6k each, you're good for a potential one-hit. If they outlive it, Fearful Blow if you can afterwards. If not, just try to get in close and Burning Crash. Usually you'll hit first if you're using Muramasa, and since BC does insane damage even with Muramasa, you should manage to kill them. If you don't one-shot them, don't worry, the stun should keep them locked in place for your next BC. Other destroyers, just Sonic Boom the pure dex ones, and if you can get close, Burning Crash the pure vit ones or if they have too much HP. Cardinals, use Muramasa and get close, Burning Crash them as soon as possible, then repeat with the Despair > Burning Crash combo. They should die quickly. Rogues, just Fearful Blow and hope it crits, if it crits you're done. Most rogues won't have more than 5k HP, and one third of a Fearful Blow's damage output is 5k so... yeah. If the rogue blocks with a shield, you'll have to count on the stun. You can try to use Burning Crash to stun them first and then use Despair to paralyze them, and finally use Fearful Blow to knock them out. If it doesn't one-shot them, just use Despair again, Burning Crash if the stun from Fearful Blow fails, and you should be able to kill them with your second Fearful Blow. Bow rogues, if they're strength build, Sonic Boom and it's over. If not, get as close as you can and Fearful Blow. By: Zohor/Zozo 7/19/2014 My character at the moment: