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Found 4 results

  1. Rewards

    Admin delete if it's already suggested* So I've heard people suggesting daily rewards which can be achieved by simply logging into the game consistently. However I wish to suggest a rewarding system for those who are more consistent in visiting the Gem Store and purchasing Gems. I find value in purchasing Gems as it supports the customer and aids the server in a very big way. So rewarding loyal players who donate often shows that you value them and thank them for their kind donations. You may give or add your thoughts in the comments below :)
  2. Donating Via Globe

    Magandang araw! May problema po ako sa pag proseso ng aking load sa Globe. Kapag sinusunod ko yung nakasulat sa dapat kong i text. walang PIN na dumarating sa sim ko? May error po ba o may mali po ako ginagawa? Salamat!
  3. Uhm, okay, all i want to do here is just asking tho :D I got 20$ as a reward form a contest, and I wanna spent it to donate in this site (heard so wise eh?) and their server are located at New York, America. All made me so worried is : He's using PayPal for transactions, I thought payPal is always 'anywhere you have it, anywhere you can spent it' before but when i see this topic : http://forum.celesti...__fromsearch__1 I've changed my mind. fastly, if you wanna ask it. It said that there's no PayPal options for America donations. If someone here was americans please let me know, is there's a paypal option in donation options? Since it depends to the user's country and IP, I cant see if it's exist or not, Im Indonesian :V (and im not using google translate atm, srsly xD) Thanks before, Need a fast reply here ^^ Constellatio (Cardinal 11x) Sacrecy (Necromancer 10x)
  4. Donation

    in philippines. how can we donate?? without using credit cards?? is there any way of donating using mobilephones??/