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Found 2 results

  1. May i know why i got kicked out and banned from the discord channel? can i rejoin the discord channel for the second time? this is my discord account Ronal#1148
  2. Ah, I know it sounds strange since I'm posting here but please hear me out! I have a very strange problem which is as the title says: problem with validating my forum account. After some trials, this was the only account I could actually validate since the email went through to the attached email to this account. First I attempted Hotmail. My (was-to-be) main forum account did not receive a validation email no matter how many times I resent it (it's been a few days now). The forum account name is KiiTea. Today, I attempted making a new Hotmail account in attempt to create another forum account. Same problem. No validation email received. The forum account name is Dimmii. I thought it was possibly because it's Hotmail. I tried an old Yahoo account. This account was the result of it, and now I wish I could change my account name, but alas, it is too late. I just found out how to change my display name. I still want to know why the problem is persisting or happening though. (I don't like this horrid test/spam name, asdfuno). Okay, so Yahoo works. Now I tried creating a proper Yahoo account for a new account, but strangely enough, no email has been received. The forum name is LittleDimmii. I've tried contacting -R- but I haven't got a response at all and haven't been able to contact any other administrator. I've tried resending the validation emails. I've rechecked all my emails. I'm at a loss of what to do. Will I have to keep this forum account? >o<; Thanks for attempting to read it all, if you did, I guess. I have no idea where to ask for help with this question so I thought here would be the best place.