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Found 7 results

  1. Sniper Guide

    what is good path for sniper Human path- Ruffian - Archer - Assassin - Sniper? Elf path Ruffian - Scout - Rune walker - sniper??
  2. Disconnect When Battle With Monster

    Anyone can Help me,,, I always disconnect when battling with monster LVL 30 higher.... please help me,, my connection is stable when i try another online game.. this is the Screen Shoot :
  3. I Dont Know How To Create A Character

  4. which better Human AR(bow) or Human Entrapper(bow) Give me the path/guide
  5. Destro's sonic boom [knight > destro] sword user B) or Cardi's SoJ [shield of Justice] and CB [Chilling Brezee] Need help in this :wacko: [confused to decided which i'm going to focus]
  6. help me GM please

    GM, why would you ban my ID? What my mistake? please let me know what my mistakes and what is the solution .... ID: adyluphnanda Thx GM
  7. banned one year

    HI GMS i called mike i connected whit you to ask you if i could return my account that leads banned longer than one year ... because of a dispute whit other pj of the game thank you, it will not happen again such a thing ... my ID is .....chicopunki.... i hope you can help with my case because it is very important to me ... i dismissal mike ...