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Found 49 results

  1. Someone has a good guide for magnus, the guide that I'm following in something old and is for 2h>1h axe , the skil sonic boom , i level up this skill based on the guide and then i cant use and i see in the skill that is only for sword not axe like the guide say , so i really lost with this guides, what is better to use 1h axe or 1h sword? what skill to level? right now im follow this path >warrior>infratryman>knight .
  2. Error starting Luna

    I click on Start and this error appears What should I do?
  3. Help

    A Doubt a Blade Taker Lvl 120 Must have how much of Eva - Strike and Crit?
  4. Cloud Sailors Set

    Which Item builds Cloud Sailor's Vest?
  5. So yeah I'm just starting to doubt my build and plans with my character, it's a BT (Ruffian > Archer > Treasure Hunter > Blade taker) pure STR, the maximum level that she had been to is Lv 115 but I delevel her to be my farmer too. Currently she's at 105. So about the stats (without buffs) (with buffs) she has: Patk = 2896 = 3099 Pdef = 2339 = 2265 Strike = 216 = 232 Eva = 226 = 242 Crit = 441 = 825 Oh I forgot to mention that I've learned dual wield when I reached 115 back then. I knew there is a penalty for it, it's about the crit? right? or I'm wrong? haha either way, so those stats are with shield, when dual (with buffs): Patk = 4888 Pdef = 1666 Strike = 232 Eva = 250 Crit = 825 Though in dual I only have hunter blast [Lv15], smoke [Lv5], dagger blow [Lv10]. When with shield I could use 3 with shield boomerang [Lv20]. Those were my only active skills (I dont have enough SP to learn other skills na ;_;) Buffs: Zeph [Lv8], Detect hole [Lv8], Predator [Lv1], Fatal touch [Lv4], Extortion [Lv1], Burning rage [Lv3] Passive: Dagger training [Lv25], Light armor expertise [Lv25], Light evasion [Lv10], Blindside [Lv9], Shadown instincts [Lv9], Diabolic instinct [Lv9], Eagle eye [Lv3], Dual weap mastery [Lv5], Dual wield training [Lv1], Dual wield mastery [Lv4], Death sign [Lv4], Phy attk speed [Lv1] Items that I equip are the following: I have +7 Gardener set for her and all are eva with the total of 36. +12 AK str 24.2 +7 AK eva 7.8, patk 1.9 +7 Aias +7 Necklace of the living body strike 18. Passionate Oakley str +5, vit +5, mp +50. Eros's accessory patk 17.7. KOD crit rate 73.5. (2)+7 Hathor's rings str 19.4, eva 11.2. +7 Flickering earring strike 13.4. Flickering earring strike 10.5 Frank BWL Panda gloves Panda boots I have +7 Kynee str 21.2 but I can't equip it yet because its requirement is at Lv 106. So for the QUESTIONS: 1. Should I reskill? (Should I not learn the dual wielding things now and what skills [active and passive] to learn instead[!}) 2. When should I dual wield? 3 It is fine having a BT for farming right? 4. Having those stats as of now, am I at a bad state? 5. How to handle BTs (because seriously I dont know anymore) 6. Is there any BT guide here in the forum? Because I cant seem to find one... that is why I'm left with no choice but to post which I'm really shy of doing so kjdfnjksnrgjksd. I've already tried asking players online but I began to be ashamed of asking more because I'm disturbing their play so I guess it would be best here. I just came back after a year or two or three I guess then voila~ I'm at lost. Wish you guys could help me, answers would be so much appreciated and I'm sorry for asking such questions and taking your time omg. Have a good day!
  6. Hello guys, after i click CL shortcut in dekstop, it said "Patcher has stopped working". i already try to repair my netframework, and still no progress.. can you guys help me? Thanks !!
  7. Path for Sniper

    i want ask about sniper. what path should i choose? human or sniper? and what stat? thanks before.
  8. I dont get my Premiun Points

    I buy 1150 pp but I dont get nothing :( Help
  9. cant log in?

    hello, after 2 years i decided to get back to this game but, i found a verry sad problem... i had 2 accounts at that time (not gonna say names tho) on one i forgot both my passowrd and my registed email(or at least i think i forgot my passowrd) on my second one i already switched the password to one i wouldnt forget and surprise surprise it isnt logging in just here on the forum, anyone help?
  10. bagi lunaclient.exe

    pagi gan sis minta tolong plz bagi yang sukses masuk clestia luna uplodin lunaclient.exe-nya plz (yg fresh instal) corupt nih py saya.. crash mulu habis isi ID dah coba berkali2 hapus clestiapatch, redonlot, sama udah gk pake anvir, firewall eception.. masih crash trakhir ane liat lunaclient.exe-nya pas install cm 99% hep ya thx sebelumnya
  11. cant get client to open

    i downloaded the game the patcher works and everything but the client it self wont do anything wont come up or anything i tryed redownloading it to the same folder to get a different client but still nothing. i even tryed removing the game and redownloading it but still nothing....
  12. i had 105LV MusketL31 (gun), and i try to use philosopher's stone(LV100-124)...However, its not work. System said: The item cannot be granted an option or is not for your level!! please to amend ASAP THX
  13. Won't Load Past Server Connect

    Ello, So I've downloaded and redownloaded Celestia Luna, about four to five times. There's only one server, Vantage. I've been trying to connect to it, but each time I click connect, the server thing goes away but the background stays and nothing else happens. I have had my antivirus disabled for Luna and everything. I just want to play Luna. Can anyone help?
  14. Please Help Me Cannot Login

    when login , there are sentence said this ," the server is off ,please check website`s bulletin " how can i solve this problem??
  15. I downloaded luna on my gaming pc..and it goes up to the start up it wont go anywhere...nothing happens when you start it.
  16. Banned

    maaf nih bang, mau nanya solusi, char saya kena banned 360HH, tadi siang jam 9 pagi tadi, saya lagi levelin harbour terus DC, (Disconnect), pas relog ada notif char anda tidak bisa di buka sampai 360HH, 0M, apa kesalahan saya kaka? bantu tolong :(
  17. Not Sure What's Going On...

    Decided to make an account and ask for help, :) I downloaded the game, and every time I click the server, after that nothing shows up.. ? It just plays the music, and nothing shows up after the server selection. I have an ASUS laptop. Avast antivirus. Pretty great internet connection. I'm not sure if it's my laptop or the game.. I did re-install it 3 times, trying to figure it out, but... Nothing works. I don't know what to do. :( :huh:
  18. Im Not Leveling Up Help

    i just made a new person and he will kill adn get money but not level up whats up with that
  19. Help i used to be able to buy things with real money can i still? like id go to a store and buy this card and then go to luna website and buy stuff can i i still do that is so how?
  20. I Simply Can't Play The Game.

    I have a problem with the game. When I open it and select the server and try to connect, it does nothing at all. It just displays the background. It doesn't freeze, though. After a while, it just closes down.
  21. Item Mall Error Help :(

    Hi there, I got this problem with Item Mall. The problem is, my item mall won't appear but the bar thing (Item mall and the X thing to close) appeared. I've tried to relog but nothing worked :( What should I do? Do I need to re install everything? This is how it looks Thank you ^__^ please help me to fix my problem :((
  22. I've found plenty of fixes for Windows 7 and XP, but not for 8. When I click the option to start the game, the box just disappears. Can I play on Windows 8?
  23. Start Game Problem

    So I finished the installment of the game and I'm in the option of the "Start Game" or "Exit Game". I clicked Start Game and it disappeared. I thought that it was just loading but 10 mins have passed so I try it again. I tried over and over again but nothings happening. There was an instance that my anti-virus program detected a trojan horse on opening the Game but it was settled by my anti-virus program. Is there any problems when there is a virus on opening the game? or is it I lack something that requires to open the game? Please Help me >.<
  24. can someone help me? everytime i enter to the server, nothing comes out next, i turned off all of my firewall and still nothing happens, i tried deleting the file celestiapatch, and when i patched the client and started it, nothing appears, i tried uninstall and installed the game again, the problem is the same.. can someone give me advice how to work or fix this ? > A < my o.s. is windows 8, i dont know if its okay to play CL with windows 8, since i keep seeing they use vista, windows 7, windows xp etc.
  25. kaninang umaga bigla ako na D.C ng 2 times.. tapos .. ganto na lage nalbas :( :( :( :( :( :( Anyone ?? Patulong nmn po..