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Found 2 results

  1. actually i've read about this somewhere, but unfortunately i couldn't find the thread... i did use the search feature, and i explore assistance-question section and also its sub forum answered section.. but still, i couldn't find the thread... i'm only finding my own self lost at it @[email protected] the thread i'm looking is about how to recognize (generally) legal/illegal items such as sealed items with duration (on top / on bottom) and the color and some items are permanent eventho there are xxx days stated rite after their name and bla bla bla i don't really get it, so, will there someone kind enough to make a guide about this? oh yea and because the things that stated on here ( aren't clear enough for me~ thank you
  2. [Basic Guide] Using The Forums

    For those who just join here and are complete newbies.. This is for you. Hope this helps :) Basic Forum: Basic Forum #2: Simplified IRC tutorial: Why do I banned?? How to search: Insert picture to your posts: Change/put your signature: Advanced Text Editing (Add spoiler, etc): Adding Spoiler: Adding link: Making a link from a picture: Feel free to make corrections, add or ask something :) and sorry for just being able to post links.