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Found 2 results

  1. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    can be done with ~ full dex rogue, full vit 2h fighter , full vit mage , or by swapping shield to 2h weapon
  2. The Absolute Idiot's Guide To Leveling To 75 By: DaggerClaw In awhile will also be available in Indonesian, Filipino and Malaysian Introduction So In this guide/walkthrough I will tell you how to level up to 75 when you've just started playing. This guide will not use Dungeon Dating (DD) to level at all. I got the idea from a post I saw similar to this but in the old forums when my friend was showing me the game, yes, I admit I thought the game was gay, but it turned out to be pretty fun. So I bring you The Absolute Idiot's Guide To Leveling To 75! Special Note: Veterans (experienced players) will probably not benifit from this. Contents Chapter 1: 1 - 20 Chapter 2: 20 - 40 Chapter 3: 40 - 55 Chapter 3.1 - Angel Wings Chapter 4: 55 - 75 What I Expect You To Already Know - Names of all the maps. - How to learn skills, attack, add character stats, construct, destroy, reinforce and enchant. - All NPC's in Alker Harbor, Zakandia, and Nera Castletown. [Armor, Weapon, Supply Merchants and so on] Special Note: Yes, this is a lot to know, but the Luna Online Wiki can sum all of that up in a good 15 minutes of research. Luna Online Wiki: http://luna-wiki.gpo.../wiki/Main_Page Chapter 1: 1 - 20 Get to know your surroundings, as they might come in real handy. Open up the map and look around for good hunting locations suitable to your level. You can get from 1 - 20 in The Gate of Alker. First of all, character stats and skills. I will quickly sum this up. Every level you will get 1 stat point to add to any of your 5 stats [C], and every level you will get a certain amount of skill points to upgrade or learn new skills . Slimes, Fungus, and Flowers, these are your BASIC enemies, Level 1 Slimes, Level 2 Fungi (plural for fungus) and Level 3 Ghost Flowers. From level 1 - 7 just keep squashing slimes and destroying all the useless stuff they drop. Slimes Drop mage gear and an alternate rogue bow. Apprentice's Gloves and the Bow, these will be useful in increasing attack and defense. Fungi are from 7 - 9, you will be getting Apprentice's Shoes from these for you mages to complete your level one set. Ghost Flowers are not required, but drop some good fighter gear, and give good experience. They drop the alternate fighter Heavy Sword, for those of your fighters who want damage. If you do decide to level with these they will only get you to level 11. High Turtles are the bark or your leveling in the Gate of Alker. Be prepared for intense grinding. From level 11 - 20 you SHOULD grind these turtles, they give massive experience and good fighter and rogue drops. Job Changing is also something you really wanna do every 20th, 40th, 75th and 105th level. These jobs unlock more skills and abilities, increase your stats with passive bonuses and also allow AOE [Area of Effect] leveling, which we will be using later. Hybrid builds are completely fine [irregular builds like Defense > Attack > Attack > Defense] but will probably postpone your AOE skills so keep that in mind. THERE IS A DIFFERENT GUIDE FOR JOB CHANGING, I WILL NOT BE GOING INTO DETAIL WITH THIS! Chapter 2: 20 - 40 Tarintus is the place to be, but first, since you are in Alker Harbor, buy some map moves or buff [stat increasing] potions, and experience and experience protection scrolls from Tasartia. Go buy new armor and if you are going hybrid, a weapon too. Move to Tarintus, and equip your newly bought armor. Attack some Mimics until you get to about level 27, and then Lycanthropes till level 35. From 35, leveling with Lycanthropes will be PAINFULLY boring. After Level 35 move to Moon Blind Forest and attack the Lava Golems just outside where you arrived with the map scroll. These monsters can burn you for 10 damage per second for about 8 seconds so be prepared for intense health drains, even for you evasion rogues and defense fighters. Battle these Golems until about level 37, if you want you can level until 40 because these Golems give great exp. Level 37 will move you to Red Orc Outpost, once there, go out the portal behind you when you arrive at Red Orc Outpost, this is very important if you do not want to run 1,000 miles to the hunting grounds. At the outside of the portal, you will find Lamias, these level 40 monsters hit REALLY hard, and will hurt very badly, if you don't have enough potions. For evasion rogues and defense fighters you will probably not suffer too much. These monsters drop really good armor and weapons for NPC selling so keep them until you can't keep them anymore. Job changing at level 40 can affect your entire gameplay from 40 onwards, so be REALLY careful what class you choose, defense fighters might wanna keep going defense for more defense, or go attack for more damage and so on with mages and rogues. After this, leveling will be painfully boring and you will feel like you've gone to hell, but if you do everything correctly, you might end up with a ton of money and good equips for later use. Chapter 3: 40 - 55 BE WARNED you will literally go to hell and back because after 55, you will spend a lot of time leveling with painfully low experience rates. But if you know your way around the maps, you will find extraodinary mobs that give extraordinary experience rates. For level 40 just go to Red Orc Outpost and get to 41. After that all you gotta do is go to The Way to the Howling Ravine [WTHR] and start beating up Basilisks. For Mages, this is a really good opportunity to get a Holyove, a level 51 wand that gives amazing magic attack and stat boosts, it is worth millions both clean [no changes made] and dirty [enchanted, reinforced, philoed etc.] and if you get multiple, it's a great way to make some fast money, however it is very rare and has a 1% drop rate [originally 0.01% drop rate in GPOT Luna] and will not be easy to get. At level 48 you can try to kill Giants, they give unbelievable amounts of experience and drop amazing goodies, but if you're too weak, you can just settle for Gryphons, which drop Angel Wing Feathers, useful for level 50 wings, but we'll go into that later. At level 50 I can almost guarantee you will be strong enough for Giants, even if you aren't at least get a party because Giants give more exp in one kill than 5 Gryphons. Fact. Level 50 - 55 is tricky, you can either go to Mont Blanc Port [MONT] or to Howling Ravine, both of which have level 51 - 60 monsters. In my opinion mages should go get Angel Wing Feathers from Gryphons and then go to Mont Blanc Port. Fighters and Rogues can kill Giants and get Angel Wing Feathers from Outraged Gryphons and Wild Red Harpies. In Howling Ravine, Wind Basilisks deal Magic Damage so watch out for them, as they will never miss you [yes you evasion rogues are included], hit REALLY hard, and have amazing range. ALWAYS kill them first, fortunately they have much less HP and will die quickly. Kill the 51s, 52s, and 53s until level 55. In Mont Blanc just go for and stay with Dark Zombies, they hit hard, but have a bit less health than other monsters. Mages might want to go for Skeletons, which are weak, but have a lot of HP. Kill your chosen monster until level 55. Chapter 3.1: Angel Wings You can either leave this and skip to chapter 4, or do this and gain 35% more movement speed, your choice. This process is COSTLY and might require 1 million gold or more to complete, but it's really worth it. When you sell the wings they can be worth 3.5 - 5 million gold. Materials vary for black and white wings, black require high quality opals while white requires high quality sapphires, in this demonstration, I will use black angel wings. 1. Get 3 Angel Wing Feathers [both colors need these feathers] 2. Get 15 Flame Stones [Go to Tasartia she has everything you need, both colors required] 3. Get 27 Opals [sapphires for white] 4. Construct the opals into high quality opals [or sapphires into high quality sapphires] 5. Get 4 Fairy's Thread Skein [warning: these cost A LOT 157k per piece, it helps to have about 1 million gold with you] 6. Construct the Angel Wing Feathers into Angel Wings. 7. You are DONE! After this process you will have spent about 800k - 1 million on supplies and crafting costs, fortunately, at 55 there is potential to get rich again. Chapter 4: 55 - 75 You have reached 55, now it's time to go to hell. From 55 to 75 experience rates will drop rapidly, you will start getting bored at 60, start suffering at 67 and bang your face to the desk at 70 to 75. All that suffering is really worth it. For you will get filthy rich and be well off hunting for rares after 75. At 55 you should be strong enough for the Howling Ravine Giants! 56, 58, and 60 Giants give incredible experience and decent drops. Mages might wanna go for Cyclopes in the Southeastern part, at 57 you can try for Giants. For Eva rogues, you should AOE level, it will help A LOT in experience, for you defense fighters, you will suffer without either a damager or 950+ physical attack. You can literally do this until level 68 but the exp rates will get low after 62 and you'll get bored after 64 so we will go somewhere else after this. Level here until 60 or 62. At 60 or 62 the exp rates will start dropping, but in Ghost Tree Swamp there are mobs that will increase your exp percent by 1.5% to 5% every kill, and to do this, you will be grinding up Tarantula, Tarantula Broods, and Marsh Carnivores. A word of warning, mages will feel like they are being tortured because Tarantulas hit like trucks, to a full support mage, i've seen damage from 90 - 250HP points PER ATTACK. So a tanker or hybrid fighter will REALLY help you mage folk. Grind up these mobs until about 68 - 70. At 68 - 70 you will feel like there is nowhere to go, but that's not true, the Silver Gargoyles in the Dark Portal provide decent exp and gold for about 5 levels. 70 - 75 will feel like you're being tortured for ALL classes, exp rates for 70 - 72 will be 1%, 72- 74 will be 0.50% and 74 - 75 will be around 0.40% so be prepared for deathly boredom. On the upperhand, the Dryed Gazell Fall Silver Gargoyle Area has a boss you can take down for aboout 10% exp at level 74. At 75 there is a huge variety of jobs you can change to and some are better at things than others, there is a different guide for 75 job change NPC so go look for it unless I find it first :P. Thanks for reading, this information was taken from the Wiki and from several other guides i've seen disappearing and getting no attention. If you liked it, found it helpful, or noteworthy please press the + 1 button. Any questions will be answered as soon as I can answer them. Malay, Indo and Pinoy Guide: Bye! - DaggerClaw