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Found 4 results

  1. SM question

    Now that job passives have released, did the path taken for sword master chamged? What is the best for human and elf ?
  2. Asking about panzer

    Hi sir, may you fix panzer? and i am waiting about the next update information of oasis of prasus, sorry for bad english.
  3. SM Human- Warrior-Swordman-Knight-SM ?? is tht better? Well i already have Warrior-Inf-Gla-SM ..just want to try new 1 x3
  4. What classes have Doom Burst?

    So, I've been looking around but so far I haven't been able to find out if Phalanx or Paladins have Doom Burst, the shield AoE attack. I mainly need it to make my Bloody Sky>Doom Burst>Sword Storm combo to take down a bunch of mobs. Also, may anyone list all the Paladin's skills? Alsooo, which have Higher Def/Block rate and why? Warrior->Swordman->Phalanx->Magnus Warrior->Swordman->Knight->Paladin