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Found 7 results

  1. Blade Taker Guide, The War Machine

    Hello, I am MrMonsterMan, I have played CL since early 2011 and g potato luna for many years before that. Blade Taker has always been my favorite class and I noticed there are currently no other BT guides. What a coincidence, huh? Bade Taker is one of the deadliest classes in luna in GW and PVP. You can choose if you want high evasion, high critical, high p. attack, or high p. defense. You can achieve these or become over powered in just one or two of these. Many people say TM is better but I disagree. While TM can be good it must be buffed to be as strong as BT, and you will not have enough time to buff in GW. BT also has less penalty when dual wielding. What path should you take for this DEADLY CLASS? This is a human only path. Rouge>Ruffian>Archer>TH>BT Why this path? Ruffian gives you the skills you need to get to level 75 Archer gives you good buffs and passives, also why take thief when you will get everything it has to offer at BT? TH gives you dagger blast, shield boomerang, and useful buffs and passives. What stats? Full STR Why not DEX? With rouge, you should have an easy time getting high evasion and crit. As BT your goal should be to 1hit everything and STR helps with that the most. Dex is good if you can’t afford gear to get the eva and crit, but if you don’t have the money BT may not be for you as it is an expensive class. Entrapper may be a better option. Costumes: Hat: p. pa batch hat Body: BWL Gloves: Panda gloves for war and PVP, any +500 hp gloves for PVE Boots: Panda boots Gear: Head: Crit Slime Glasses: Any +5 str/vit Cape: KOD until you have enough crit and eva, then use phixus or kingdom knights(from the gem store, character bound) if you can afford it G. set will due, but if you can get better 115 gears do that Necklace: Chiv but if you can’t afford that use Hercules Rings: Hathors Earrings: gemini Dagger: Advanced Knife Belt: Fierce Dragon Slayer Helm: Kynee For your philo/reinforce get mostly STR with enough evasion to get 300+ at 105 (goes up depending on level) Your main goal should be STR to 1 hit people though. For war I would get Strike instead of evasion. This way you can still hit rouges. GW/PVP: With this build you should be able to easily 1 hit everyone (except paladins and 1H magnus, maybe some mages that are pure VIT). Why is it so deadly in war? Stealth is very useful if you use it at max level to counter mages. Most mages don’t max beholder so you will be able to get by some. If the mage doesn’t have higher level beholder you will easily be able to kill them with shield boomerang and bleed/dagger blow. Fighters won’t even be able to hit you if you have on evasion gear. Just use DoT on rouges that have too high of evasion for you. Many people call Blade Taker the Masters of War. While all classes have their strengths, I believe the only rival a good BT will have is a good SA or Cardinal. Dual Wield? Dual Wield can provide much higher p. attack so why not get it? 1H+shield will give you more defense so it makes you harder to 1 hit. Until you can max all Dual Wield skills I recommend staying 1h+shield since it is better until you can mostly get rid of dual wield penalties. Blade Taker is a DEADLY class if used right. Follow this guide and you will be dominating PVP and GW with ease. More updates will come soon including what skills to take. Until 105 you can use your best judgment as it doesn’t really matter.
  2. Strength and Dexterity

    I have found several topics that say that Dexterity adds critical damage. I've tested this myself by resetting my characters stat points several times. In fact, dexterity seemed to give similar damage bonuses to strength in my tests. However, if dexterity provides similar damage bonuses to strength, would it be a good idea to use full dexterity based equipment instead of strength based equipment? Could a character with high amounts of critical damage and average physical attack be viable? I'd like to hear input from anyone who's willing to provide it.
  3. [Guide] How To Avoid Drama!

    Hello; if you choose to follow my guide, then you shall never have a problem on this server. This guide is mainly for newcomers, or for some who just want a laugh. #1 Rule - Don't hit anyone at PVP Map! If you so choose to enter this map, understand that 99% of the people there are always mad. Players who hang out there will get mad for the sake of being mad. Actually, this game will become very hard on you once you start hitting these so-called players. Sequence of events if you hit players in PVP: 1) You kill someone or someone kills you. 2) They kill you or are unable to kill you. 3) Person you killed brings all his friends to kill you. 4) Person you killed brings his whole union and guild to kill you. 5) If you keep "hitting" them at PVP for a few days ... you enter a blacklist (in which, if you are on it -- you are not "allowed" to enter PVP). By "not allowed" --- I mean, as soon as you spawn on the map and they see your name ... you will be killed non-stop. I repeat, 99% of the people who hang out in that map are always mad -- sensitive to being "hit". PVP map is supposed to be player vs player, but on this server it's more like ... a dictatorship so to speak. I won't list any guilds or any names, but you know who you are! (cough, this guide has given me new perspectives). #2 Rule -- Don't get involved in Open Wars! If you've played on this server long enough, you've probably realized by now that the second most dramatic course of events appear out of what we call open wars (wars you keep open). Sequence of events: 1) You join a guild. 2) Guild gets open war with a big union. 3) Losing guild ends war. 4) Winning guild proceeds to make drama on shout towards losing guild --- shouting "surrender" for two-hours. 5) The losing guild becomes an "enemy" to the winning guild and is blacklisted from PVP (this usually happens because 70% of the server belongs to one collective large union, and between the smaller guilds that remain on the other 30% -- it is statistically not possible to win against the majority). #3 Rule -- Use shout for selling and buying items only! Let's face it... these are the things that will quickly rid you of your peaceful experience on Celestia. 1) Using a megaphone to talk about your life (you'll make good friends for that) 2) Using a megaphone to trash-talk someone (see the second rule above) 3) Spamming random characters on shout It's less likely you'll run into a problem if you use shout for those things, but if you don't want to come off as "annoying" ... using megaphones for selling and buying items is ideal, looking for date dungeon friends, and game related activities, looking for fix wars etc. Let's keep it clean guys. Please note: Many players are sincerely trying to buy and sell items throughout the day via megaphone, I think that was the intended purpose for this specific function in the game. #4 Rule -- Avoid trash-talking! use of words like "noob", "weak", "run", which are trivial but will get you into fights that aren't worth it. In fact, the favorite words of half the players on this server are "run" and "noob" Strategy: Ignore the petty insults and move on, be humble. At the end of the day, if someone takes hours out of their lives to trash-talk you then let them -- because in the end when you close CL you won't be thinking about them. In retrospect, your hater will likely be wasting energy thinking about different ways to annoy you. If I feel like adding more, I will update this thread. In the end, all of these tips are a choice -- so if you don't like the tips and such, there'd be no reason for potential flame wars on this thread. The purpose for making this "guide" was for a few objectives... A. Helping newcomers have a peaceful experience. B. Make it clear as to why we are seeing a decline in player activity by a monthly basis. C. State the obvious, but in a way such that staff will be inclined to recruit an active Game Master.
  4. The Destroyer - By Zozo

    Hello, my name is in the top left of this post. I've been playing the destroyer for two years now, constantly, and I've tried out numerous strategies for this class, each of which I have found effective. In this guide, I will outline the stats, skills and equipment for a destroyer, plus an extra section giving a few tips on how to use this class effectively against all classes. I hope you guys find this guide informative. Changelog: Firstly, we will be going the path Guard > Swordsman > Knight > Destroyer. Why Guard? Simply because it grants level 10 enhanced HP. The only problem is you sacrifice Risk Taker for level 105. If you'd rather not level slowly and are prepared to lose 5 levels of enhanced HP, go ahead and choose Warrior. For stats, you'll want to go VIT for leveling until 125 - 130, the reason being you'll be grinding at levels 1 - 125 in various places, and if you go pure DEX from the start, you'll lose a lot of HP and defense. Don't even bother going pure STR, unless of course you're going to hybrid DEX and STR, which is your choice, I've never tried it out but, common sense tells me you'll get decent results. Max the red skills first, above all else, then the orange skills, then the yellow ones, and the green ones only if you want to spend SP. If the skill does not specifically state to max it, don't. Get level one only. The green skills are completely optional. Note that by saving SP in lower levels, you won't have to struggle in higher levels to advance skills since you didn't put as much SP in the green skills. Fighter's Heart - Max Burning Rage - Max Two Handed Training - Max Crash Blow - Max Sword Training - Max Uppercut - Level 1 or Max Enhanced HP - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Burning Rage - Max Blessed Guard - Max Sword Training - Max Enhanced HP - Max Blood Leak - Max Sword Storm - Max Sonic Boom - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Sword Accuracy - Max Crash Blow -> Burning Crash - Max or Level 1 Burning Crash Uppercut -> Earthquake - Max Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Mana Storm Spirit Sword Spirit Aid Lash Divine Justice - Max Weapon Synchro - Max Solid Weapon - Max Heavy Armor Expertise - Max Armor Synchro - Max Attract Circle Sonic Boom - Max Sword Storm - Level 11 Lash - Max If you've followed the guide exactly, you shouldn't need a reskill at this point. If you've taken a little too many extra skills, you'll be better off with a reskill. Risk Taker - Max Rage Burst - Max Despair - Max Fearful Blow - Max Fighter's Heart - Max Warrior Form - Max Burning Rage - Max Burning Crash - Max Earthquake - Level 20, you can go more but it will be bugged, I've heard you need to target in order to use it after level 20. Two Handed Training - Max Sword Training - Max Heavy Weapon Accuracy - Max Sword Rapidity - Max Lash - Max Wheel Wind Firstly, I will tell you that equipment is not everything, and I know this by experience. If you know me well, you can openly say I actually don't have very good items. However the passives of a destroyer and the sheer power makes up for it, you will need some decent gear to harness the full strength of this class. The "-" are your main gear, and the "+" is your secondary gear, not required but recommended.. If there are more than two "-" you need to choose which will suit you best and stick with it. Usually the first item is the most commonly used. Weapon - Dragonslayer (25+ str craft, 15+ str philo, 90+ crit rein) - Blade of the Sun (25 str+ philo, 110+ crit rein/25+ patk rein) + Muramasa (15+ agi philo, 110+ crit rein) Helmet - Kynee (+15 str philo, +30 dex rein) - Kynee (+15 vit philo, +30 dex rein) + Kynee (+10 strike philo, +33 dex rein) - Tarintus Helmet (+23 dex rein, +20 str philo) Chestplate - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Armor (20+ dex craft, 20+ agi philo, 30+ vit rein) Gloves - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ str rein, 15+ str philo) - Holy Iron Knight's Power Gauntlets (30+ vit rein, 15+ agi philo) - Hidden Blade Gloves / Artifact: Fragments of the Hidden (20+ str philo, 30+ str rein) Boots (I don't know which is more common here) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Holy Iron Knight's Plate Boots (15+ agi philo, 80+ move speed rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ str craft, 20+ str philo, 20+ dex rein) - Metal Boots (level 115) (25+ dex craft, 20+ dex philo, 20+ dex rein) Rings - 2x Hathor (15+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Hathor (8+ strike philo, no rein required) Earrings - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (18+ patk hc, no rein required) - 2x Flickering Magic Earrings (12+ str philo, no rein required) - 2x Earring of Desire/Hegemonic Rainbow (19.5+ patk hc, no rein required) Necklace - Artifact: The Hidden Power Mark/Hidden Blade Necklace (19+patk hc, 600+ hp rein) - Necklace of the Living Body (15+ str philo, 500+ hp rein) Belt - Dragon Slayer Weapon Master (19+ patk hc) + Barbarian's Belt Head - Crit Slime (+193 Critical Rate variant) Eyes - Passion of the Classic Hopi Glasses (+5 Strength/Vitality Variant) Extra Slot - Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force (+2% Physical Attack Variant) - Nice Executive G. Guardian Cape - Phixus Cloak (+80 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (+90 crit philo) - Legend: Lower Ends of the Goddess' Skirt (15+ vit philo) Costume Head - Bachelor Hat of Refining (+3% Physical Attack Variant) - VIP Hat (Don't know the full name) Costume Body - Black Widow Leader's Suit Costume Gloves - Panda Gloves (+5% Physical Attack Speed) - Any costume gloves with +5 strength. - VIP Gloves (Don't know the full name) Costume Boots - Panda Boots (+10% Movement Speed) - Any costume boots with +5 strength. - VIP Boots (Don't know the full name) Ever heard of that quote? It basically states that the mind is more powerful than the body. In this case, strategy is more powerful than power. Does it matter if you one-hit everything? Absolutely not. Sure you may get laughed at but, at least you KILLED the other person. So with a destroyer, main skill is Burning Crash, you gotta have that as your main skill, if you don't you're screwed. Secondary skill: Fearful Blow, it's mid-ranged and never misses. Tertiary skill and long-range smacker-downer: Sonic Boom, this skill will two-shot most enemies if you have the right damage. Paladins, just get the first BC in and hope you stun, then Despair and lock 'em down with it. If Despair and Burning Crash fails, use Fearful Blow. The stun is long, so try to avoid stunning while it's active. Despair just as the stun is ending and paralyse the target. Then Burning Crash as Despair is active and repeat. Make sure Despair is constantly on. Same with elf paladins and Magnuses, try to get as close as you can and if possible, use your Muramasa to counter the speed of Rune Impact, if it stuns and RI wasn't cast, just repeat the steps above and if you can, switch to your Dragonslayer. Magnuses, for dual wielders, the only real thing you can try to do is get in close and BC, if not, run AWAY and use Sonic Boom. You don't want them to get RI in on you, if they do, it's over. Two handed magnus, just BC and they're done for, if you can, Sonic Boom would be nice too. One handers, refer to the strategy for "paladins." Swordmasters, if you can Sonic Boom them for at least 6k each, you're good for a potential one-hit. If they outlive it, Fearful Blow if you can afterwards. If not, just try to get in close and Burning Crash. Usually you'll hit first if you're using Muramasa, and since BC does insane damage even with Muramasa, you should manage to kill them. If you don't one-shot them, don't worry, the stun should keep them locked in place for your next BC. Other destroyers, just Sonic Boom the pure dex ones, and if you can get close, Burning Crash the pure vit ones or if they have too much HP. Cardinals, use Muramasa and get close, Burning Crash them as soon as possible, then repeat with the Despair > Burning Crash combo. They should die quickly. Rogues, just Fearful Blow and hope it crits, if it crits you're done. Most rogues won't have more than 5k HP, and one third of a Fearful Blow's damage output is 5k so... yeah. If the rogue blocks with a shield, you'll have to count on the stun. You can try to use Burning Crash to stun them first and then use Despair to paralyze them, and finally use Fearful Blow to knock them out. If it doesn't one-shot them, just use Despair again, Burning Crash if the stun from Fearful Blow fails, and you should be able to kill them with your second Fearful Blow. Bow rogues, if they're strength build, Sonic Boom and it's over. If not, get as close as you can and Fearful Blow. By: Zohor/Zozo 7/19/2014 My character at the moment:
  5. ======================================================================================================================= INTRODUCTION ======================================================================================================================= Hello World : I will try to share a bit of knowledge I learned from one of the player, which is where the player is a really great in my opinion. Now I will give you some "Step by Step" process on how to become a "Real Destroyer". In accordance with your enthusiasm to this job. This guide will provide direction on Path, Stat/Skill Allocations, Grinding Spot.. ======================================================================================================================= PLEASE DO COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS BUILD THAT MY FRIEND TAUGHT ME I AM OPEN TO PRODUCTIVE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS FROM ALL EXPERIENCED CELESTIA LUNA DESTROYER PLAYERS! ======================================================================================================================= .: This guide has been divided into seven(3) sections :. ● PATH ● SKILL ALLOCATION ● GRINDING SPOT ======================================================================================================================= PATH ======================================================================================================================= RACE : Human NPC Job Change 1 . WARRIOR : Wiff in Alker Harbor . 2 . MERCENARY : Wiff in Alker Harbor . 3 . KNIGHT : Heromech in Red Orc Outpost . 4 . DESTROYER : Sage in Naila Village . REMINDER : For STAT ALLOCATION you should put it all into VITALITY while leveling/grinding, you can restat to STRENGTH or DEXTERITY when you reach DESTROYER class. SWORDSMAN MERCENARY Swordsman = 18 + Strike Mercenary = 10% Physical Strike ======================================================================================================================= Skill Allocation ======================================================================================================================= Fighter Lvl. 01 ~ 19 1 . Fighter 's Heart [ Max ] 2 . Uppercut [ Max ] 3 . Crash Blow [ Max ] 4 . Burning Rage [ Max ] 5 . Enhanced HP [ Max ] 6 . Two Handed Training [ Max ] 7 . Axe Training [ Max ] Warrior Lvl. 20 ~ 39 1 . Fighter 's Heart [ Max ] 2 . Warrior Form [ Max ] 3 . Risk Taker [ Max ] 4 . Two Handed Training [ Max ] 5 . Crash Blow [ Max ] 6 . Uppercut [ Max ] 7 . Axe Training [ Max ] 8 . Wind wheel [ Lvl. 1 ] Mercenary Lvl. 40 ~ 74 1 . Fighter 's Heart [ Max ] 2 . Warrior Form [ Max ] 3 . Crash Blow > Burning Crash [ Max ] 4 . Uppercut > Earthquake [ Max ] 5 . Blazing Body [ Lvl. 1 ] 6 . Risk Taker [ Max ] 7 . Rage Burst [ Max ] 8 . Two Handed Training [ Max ] 9 . Axe Training [ Max ] Knight Lvl. 75 ~ 104 1 . Heavy Armor Expertise [ Max ] 2 . Blessing Guard [ Max ] 3 . Attract Circle [ Lvl. 1 ] 4 . Solid Weapon [ Max ] 5 . Sword Storm [ Lvl. 1 ] 6 . Synchro Armor [ Max ] 7 . Synchro Weapon [ Max ] Destroyer Lvl. 105 ~ 125 1 . Fighter 's Heart [ Max ] 2 . Warrior Form [ Max ] 3 . Risk Taker [ Max ] 4 . Fatal Force [ Max ] 5 . Rage Burst [ Max ] 6 . Earthquake [ Lvl. 20 ] 7 . Two Handed Training [ Max ] 8 . Axe Training [ Max ] 9 . Axe Mortality [ Max ] 10 . Heavy Weapon Accuracy [ Max ] ======================================================================================================================= Grinding Spot ======================================================================================================================= Lv . 01 ~ 20 = Gate Of Alker / Ruins of Draconian Lv . 20 ~ 40 = Tarintus / Moon Blind Forest Lv . 40 ~ 75 = Way To The Howling Ravine / Howling Ravine {@ level 60 if you feel the EXP got slow try DD from 60 to 75} Lv . 75 ~ 110 = Howling Cave 2F / Ghost Swamp Valley / Naila harbor ======================================================================================================================= PLEASE DO COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS BUILD THAT MY FRIEND TAUGHT ME I AM OPEN TO PRODUCTIVE COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS FROM ALL EXPERIENCES CELESTIA LUNA DESTROYER PLAYERS! =======================================================================================================================
  6. Your opinion

    Okey, so please vote and tell me what do ya think :D Just your personal opinion, and if u can, pls add some reason. Thank you :*
  7. Channel 2 PVP

    Channel 1 pvp is ruled by guild drama. What I mean by this is that if there is a guild of 5+ people there at once, they will just not allow anyone to kill anyone else or just bully lol. PVP map is MEANT FOR KILLING not to stand there and afk lmao. You can’t take it so seriously people, if someone kills you one time it’s like omfg I HAVE TO SPAWN KILL FOR AN HOUR and get my whole guild to kill them as well. That is just ridiculous, pvp is meant for fun and so everyone should be having fun lol. So that is why I propose a set of rules for channel 2 pvp map (hopefully being on ch2 will also decrease lag). No Parties allowed “not killing guildies” rule banned, you can kill whoever you want whenever you want No spawn killing one person for a long period of time No bad language or getting angry No taking game seriously. All skills allowed, no calling people noob or getting angry because someone uses a skill No killing in safe Zone Thanks Fifin for the picture. Safe zone can be used for a number of things: You can party here You can buff and heal You can afk Just sit and talk, lounge around Remember you cannot party outside of this safe zone! I cannot force you to follow these rules, it is called good sportsmanship. If you want something like this, you have to try your best, do your own part. If you follow the rules, others will also start as well. Remember, if you want to bully using party or guild or you want to afk all the time in pvp map, please go to ch1. Everyone is welcome, in fact, everyone please join us! I am tired of going to PVP and not being able to kill you guys because you start spazzing at me. Now if the Admins wanted, they could turn off party in pvp ch2 o.o'...just a thought lol.