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Found 1 result

  1. Zakisuke's Shop

    Buying : -Larmor [c]50str/dex [p]16+eva 7strike/20+eva -Lboot [c]50str/dex [p]16+eva 7strike/20+eva -Vset [n]15eva 7strike [g]15eva 7strike/20+eva each -Hathor [p]16eva 7strike 2pcs /22+eva -Hege [p]16eva 7strike 2pcs /22+eva -Hb neck(p)30+str 10+dex/20str 10dex/30dex 10str -Shaman (p)30str 10dex/20str 20dex/30dex 10str -Kisper (p)30str 10dex/20str 20dex/30dex 10str Selling : -BWS Pdeff -Flipper MS -Giant Orange Popsicle -HC Heavy set clean -FDS 19.8pa -FDS 19.6pa -Shaman (p)19vit 9dex 11str -Shaman (p)25str 9vit -Kisper (p)17str 18vit -Hathor (p)24dex 7str 9vit -Hathor (p)19str 9str 10vit -Hege (p)22vit 11str -RAS +13 -AIAS +14 -SOG +14 (c)50str (p)22str 5strike 8dex