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Found 4 results

  1. hii guys this is first time i make guide... enjoy it!! Race : human Path : Ruffian > Scout > TH > Sniper Stat : full STR why i take entrap path? because entrap path good for farming than AR path, Sniper cannot use bow skill that's is why make sniper magnificent, if you take entrap path you can use hunter blast and hunter smoke for helping you to farming great deal right? also dont forget extortion lv 2 <<< so here list skill you should take. first of all prepare reset skill 1pcs because from lv 1 - 105 using dagger for lvling Ruffian : lv 20 - 39 Active skill : Wind breaking max Buffs : Zephry max Burning rage max Passives : Dagger training max Light evasion max Blind side max Shadow instinct max Diabolic instinct max Scout : lv 40 - 74 Active Skill : Wind breaking max Buffs : Zephyr max Detect Hole max Side Step max Whispering wind max Quick move max Passives : Dagger Training max Light evasion max Blind side max Diabolic instinct max Shadow instinct max Death sign max TH : lv 75 - 104 Active skill : Wind breaking max Hunter blast max Hunter Smoke max Dagger Blow max Buffs : Zephyr max Detect hole max Extortion max Quick move max Passives : Dagger training max Light evasion max Blindside max Death sign max Eagle eye max when you reach 105 reset your skill, don't use dagger anymore use your musket!! Sniper is very draining using MP Sniper : lv 105 - 150 Active skill : Standing shot max [ singel target normal skill ] Kneeling fire max [ singel target normal skill ] Snipe shot max [ singel target able to stun ] Proximity fire max [ singel target able to knocks ] Wild shot max [ the one and only AoE skill from sniper ] Hunter blast max Hunter smoke max Buffs : Zephyr max Detect hole max Fatal touch max Side step max Whispering wind max Extortion max Quick move max Telescopic Musket scope max [ but they have bug right now ] Passives : Musket training max [ they have bug to ] Pistol Range max Light evasion max Eagle eye max Blind side max Death sign max Mana Control max Enhanced MP max Skill passive job you get : Path entrap lv 3 = eva +20 Path sniper lv 1 = Crit rate +100 and Crit Dmg + 2% Enjoy it !!
  2. Panzer and Sniper

    can we give a free reset skill to sniper and panzer too?, as crusader with its free reset skill. as we know, there is no gun or gun skill for leveling up to 105,so after reaching panzer or snipper we have much useless skill that cost much sp note:sorry for my bad english, i hope my suggestion will be accepted.
  3. Sniper

    good day, my beloved CL admin and player. today i want share about my opnion about sniper First, musket have bug, it cant philoed and musket base damage are to small i think musket must have more base damage and sniper must have 1 skill with super damage, i think thats why player cant kill anyone if they are sniper . and sniper not have passive or buff for attack speed so they skill are too slow and low damage, Acording to the name "sniper". i think sniper must have huge strike, and huge damage. why? coz at real life sniper can beat his enemy just with 1 precise shot, i hope next time or next patch you guys can improve sniper so we can see more musket player at CL, musket just for style now, at next time i hope we can use it for Grind and war, Thanks before, peace, love CL forever
  4. Sniper and Panzer bugs

    Well I just thought about gathering this under-loved Musket wielding jobs together and put all of their existing issues into one basket for future reference. Hope it helps for when the bugs get fixed :) Panzer: 1. Still not sure if this is bug or not but Panzer's range is much shorter than Sniper. 2. No Musket skill icons, the closest thing to an icon is a flower picture used for Panzer's Iron Night. This includes all Musket Passives. 3. Musket Training > No damage increase. This hurts Panzer's damage output by a lot. Sniper: 1. Musket Range > Or Pistol Range doesn't actually increase attack range. 2. Musket Training > Like Panzer, Sniper's Musket Training does not increase attack damage, though Sniper doesn't suffer as much as Panzer does because of higher critical rate. 3. No Musket Skill icons: Same with Panzer none of Sniper's Musket skills have proper icons. 4. Telescopic Musket Scope > Range increasing buff, but once again it does not affect Sniper's attack range. 5. Fast Reload > While it was provided to help with Sniper's casting speed it can only be cast when the Sniper is holding a bow instead of Musket. If there are other bugs my apologies for not including them. My Guides on Sniper and Panzer include the actual icons, I wonder if that helps?