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Found 1 result

  1. introduction

    hello everyone! as i've mentioned in my profile... "healer here" so many needs that in times... been through hell... wishing i could also heal injuries using magic... in the reality. hahuh! but what do we know..? wish do come true sometimes!! let's try.. and hope... well, most of my in-game activities will revolve on that... healing, recovering, protecting, aiding allies. recuperative and support magic... ain't it good..? or maybe... it's just me thinking that way... but anyways... i'll pursue this! to end this so long inaugurative speech... i will help to improve the community, the nation, the civilization... hehe... and it became a speech!! SA IKAUUNLAD NG BAYAN, NG MAMAMAYAN, NG LIPUNAN, NG BANSA, NG MUNDO, NG SANSINUKOB, NG BUONG SANGKATAUHAN!!! (>_<) AT NG SANDAIGDIGAN!!! (ayaw talaga paaawat!!!) (>_<) well, keep laughing... hehe... seriously, now... to really end this. greetings to all staff... for making such glorious achievements... and wonderful things. all praise to God. (>_<) and please... don't give miss orange so much trouble with your piling up complaints. (di nyo ba nakikita... naka-shades na nga yung tao... eh) (>_<) but seriously.... please don't give her so much trouble. she's doing her best... sometimes push much to her limit... but was still able to go through. miss orange, i salute you :)