INCREASED DD Levels (ex.101-120)

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Hello Admins!! Its me again. Just wanna ask IF it is possible to increase DD levels.

Coz i think, by this, we can earn more players. ^_^

This is just my suggestion. Of course this will be unfair to our high leveled players (Top 50 players) of CL... but improving the Game will be more enjoyable. :P

More power guys!!!


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I agree with this.


It would allow a vast amount of people to easily power lvl all the way to 120. Which in all honesty, sounds fun. But would lead to hell. Leader boards would fly out the window. Aswell as any challenge the game held as a mmo.


After the 145 or whatever jobs are put in. Then these DD's should be added. And in my opinion, we shouldn't rush the jobs untill our current skills are ALL fixed. But untill those jobs are avaliable, new maps come out. Higher mobs, more bosses. And who knows, hopefully a higher lvl cap. Then sure. Add that dd. Untill then tho, it would hurt more the heal.

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