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i've read it somewhere that it depends on ur inital p.atck.

HC philo increases depends entirely on ur current p.atck. the bigger it is, the bigger u gain by this HC philo.

meanwhile, STR philo add ur p.atck in a consistent amount.

now compare a destro and magnus. a destro p.atck is very high, so its better to use HC.

magnus, in the other hand, has lower p.atck. equipping it with HC philo will not add its p.atck as many as it gives to a destro. its better to use STR philo instead.

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idk about str and p.atk damage, but I've experienced using 2x high int ring (28+) compared to using 2x high matk ring (19+) and also mixed one (19+ matk and 28+ int)

2x high int = higher damage, lower matk parameter (status), lower heal

2x high matk = lower damage, higher matk parameter, higher heal

matk - int = lower damage than 2x int but higher than 2x matk, higher matk parameter than 2x int but lower than 2x matk, higher heal than 2x int but lower than 2x matkso

if u need a high parameter, use matk instead but if u want damage use int xD

I think this also applied to patk, but since patk damage is random(ranged damage) its hard to make an experience with it

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