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[Fighter] Destroyer Guide ( Colorful )

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:ph34r: DESTROYER JOB GUIDE  :ph34r: 


First of all you must follow this path ( Important! Must Follow The Path! If You Want to Be a Great Destroyer :) ! )




Fighter > Warrior > Mercenary > Knight > Destroyer


1. Warrior     : Wiff in Alker Harbor.

2. Mercenary  : Wiff in Alker Harbor.

3. Knight       : Heromech in Red Orc Outpost.

4. Destroyer   : Sage in Naila Village.


IMPORTANT! Put all the stats to VITALITY if you want to fast LEVELING




Fighter Lv. 01 ~ 19. :mellow: 


1. Fighter Heart's [Max]

2. Uppercut [Max]

3. Crash Blow [Max]

4. Burning Rage [Max]

5. Enhanced HP [Max]

6. Two Handed Training [Max]

7. Axe Training [Max]


Warrior Lv. 20 ~ 39  ;) 


1. Fighter Heart's [Max]

2. Warrior Form [Max]

3. Risk Taker [Max] (You must to relog to have Permanent additional Physical Attack)

4. Two Handed Training [Max]

5. Crash Blow [Max]

6. Uppercut [Max]

7. Axe Training [Max]

8. Wheel Wind [Lv. 1]


Mercenary Lv. 40 ~ 74  ^_^ 


1. Fighter Heart's [Max]

2. Warrior Form [Max]

3. Crash Blow > Burning Crash [Max]

4. Uppercut > Earthquake [Max]

5. Blazing Body [Lv. 1]

6. Risk Taker [Max]

7. Rage Burst [Max]

8. Two Handed Training [Max]

9. Axe Training [Max]


Knight Lv. 75~104  :) 


1. Heavy Armor Expertise [Max]

2. Blessing Guard [Max]

3. Attract Circle [Lv. 1]

4. Solid Weapon [Max]

5. Sword Storm [Lv. 1]

6. Armor Synchro [Max]

7. Weapon Synchro [Max]



You will have: "Attract Circle Lv.1" / "Wheel Wind Lv.1" / "Sword Storm Lv.1" / "Blazing Body Lv.1" / "Earthquake"

with this 4 AoE (Area of Effect) Skills you can lure mobs with attract circle > and since u are full VIT you will be avaiable to tank and Kill with AoE Skills. And Always remember to use PET BUFFS !


Finally ! You're will be the Destroyer ! Congratulations ! ( Don't Forget to Reset Skill )

Destroyer Lv. 105 ~ 125  :D 

1. Fighter Heart's [Max]

2. Warrior Form [Max]

3. Risk Taker [Max]

4. Fatal Force [Max]

5. Rage Burst [Max]

6. Earthquake [Lv. 20] (IMPORTANT! If you learn more than lvl 20 to lvl 21 ur skill will get bugged and u just can hit 1 people.)

7. Two Handed Training [Max]

8. Axe Training [Max]

9. Axe Mortality [Max]

10. Heavy Weapon Accuracy [Max]


Max those skills in the order listed above if you wan fast leveling. (This is my build about Destroyer).

As i know Destroyer's job is the only job that even if you get to 125 you still cant max all the skills that you need,

thats why I didnt put "Fearful Blow" or "Burning Crash [Max]" because remember this is Fast leveling build not

a real powerful and great damager Destroyer. 




Lv. 1 ~ 75 = Crafted Armors or if you are lazy just buy from NPC and do it +7 everything.

Use Any Two Handed Axe.

(You can buy at zakandia or naila village)


Lv. 80 ~ 104 = Try to buy "Seven Guardian Armor sets" It adds 5% Physical Defense.

Kimball Axe Lv. 83 one, or crafted One with STR or VIT it doesnt matter.

(The Seven Guardian Armor sets I think you can craft with karat diamonds)


Lv. 105+ = Holy iron Sets Armor, Glove, Boots, Living Necklace, Hathors, Fleckring, Flame ring.

Holy iron Armor = crafted with VIT + reinforce VIT 

Holy iron Glove / HB Gloves = Reinforce STR

Holy iron Boots / Metal Shoes = Reinforce VIT or Movement speed Its up to u.

Chival / HB = Reinforce STR / P.Attack

Rings = 2 Hathors with VIT (2 hathors does the 2/2 Effect) / HEGE

Earrings = Flickering Earrings. + reinforce HP Recovery or MP

Belt = Lv. 72 belt called Flame Ring that adds +5 stats to All.

Weapon = G.AXE / DS Weapon ( or BOS )

Helmet = Kynee is Okay. Tarintus Helmet Philo P.Attack.

All Philosoper Stats its UP TO YOU !



- Black Widow Leader Suit

 (10% P.atk / Move speed / HP / MP)

-Panda Boots

 (5% Move Speed)

-Legend: The Lower Ends of Goddes (aka Legend Cape)

 (90+ critical rate[P] use Keen Assassin Amulet)

-Critical Slime

 (193 Critical + 5 Accuracy + 87 Movespeed )

-Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force

 (2% P.atk + 1 Evasion)

-Bachelor Hat of Refining

 (3% P.atk)

-VIP Gloves

 (+3 STR)

-VIP eyepatch

 (100 HP + 50 MP) 


PET (This is important dont Jump this step)

Buy a pet at alker from merchant any colour it deosnt matter, and train it killing monsters.

You will need a pet Lv. 80+ for pet supports.

Go to naila village > Talk to npc "Serie" and buy evolve pills for pet magic support type. It evolves at 20, 50 and 80.

And also u have to buy 6 "Shield" skills and put all of them to the pet, it stacks. So you will have pet shield buff Lv. 6, it adds around 300 physical defense more ! Its very usefull.




Lv. 01 ~ 19 = Gate Of Alker / Ruins of Draconian

Lv. 20 ~ 39 = Tarintus / Moon Blind Forest

Lv. 40 ~ 74 = Mont Blanc Port / The way to the howling ravine / Dryed Gazell Fall

Lv. 75 ~ 110 = Howling Cave 2F / Ghost Swamp Valley / Naila harbor

[Remember that you can lure monsters and kill with AoE Skills]


Howling Cave 2F Lv. 75+

Howling Cave 2F Physical Defense Needed = 1500


Ghost Swamp valley Lv. 89+

Ghost Swamp Valley Physical Defense Needed = Unknown (I will update it as soon as possible)


Naila Harbor Lv. 99 ~ 110

Naila Harbor Physical Defense Needed = 2800

Lv. 111 ~ 125 = Grave of the Knights.

Grave of the Knights Physical Defense Needed = 3800


Ok , Well That's Was for Guide Destroyer! Hope this will help u ! Leave Coment or Ask Any Question ^_^ Thanks You..











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This is the difference between Mercenary and Swordman:  :D 
Swordman = 18Strike+
Mercenary = 10% Physical Attack+
When u get high level u dont need that 18strike its much better 10% Physical Attack.
And u wont have Spirit Sword = Sleep Skill, If you go mercenary.



job passive isn't working in CL that is why they take swordsman than mecenary my question is will job passive be implemented in the update?


and one more thing please do not multi post in 1 section (talking about your event)

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job passive isn't working in CL that is why they take swordsman than mecenary my question is will job passive be implemented in the update?


and one more thing please do not multi post in 1 section (talking about your event)


yes event "BRING IT ON" . hehehe , i forget to ask Admin & Staff to make that event


games :

- Help Me!! ( Hide'n Seek Games you must found 3 people with no outfit then trade kobold/lizard with the prize ) ,

- Boxing Master ! ( 6 man , Only use punch + skill ) ,

- Running Time ! ( Run To the finish ) ,

- Creative !! ( Make art / comic of celestia luna ) ,

- Rest In Peace.. ( You must hide from the vampire & Mummy ! [ DARK MAP ] staff will gonna wear vampire & mummy costume this game like hide'n seek but you're now to hide ) ,

- Come On Team! ( 3on3 , max 12/6 TEAM , 1 TEAM = 3 man )


 when event/games is done.. ALL The Player & Staff Gonna Take an SS for CLOSING.. 



But wait for me ask to Staff&Admin

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