What Is The Best Int Warrior?

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Int paladin is good for the block rate and for tank purpose also.

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Try the following setups below (I have also taken the liberty of sighting some info, hope it might help):


Magnus Dual Wield

Paladin 1h+Shield (could also be Magnus 1h)

  • Lower MA compared to above.
  • Has block chance and higher Pdef, which leads to being a better tank.
  • For build I am not sure if there is a guide for this but I think there are 2 possible build for paladin int:
  • War>Infa>Phalanx>Paladin: Have a higher holy avenger and holy strike skills (ur only int based skills)
  • War>Infa>RK>Paladin: Lower skill levels for the above mentioned but have RI skill and access to some buffs.

Crusader (cant tell much about this  :mellow: )

  • Seems good on paper.
  • Has a wider range of MA skills and the only fighter class with MA boosting buff.
  • But Crusader skills are still BUGGED that's why no one uses this build yet.


Hope this helps and just spend a little more time at the fighter guides section, you might see better info there.  :)

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Oh I totally forgot that when you are dual wielding athena the set effect for the other one will not have any effect.

Same goes for dual wielding AK's or having 2 Phatasmal rings equipped.

So I would then suggest just wielding one athena (for the 5% MA increase) and a Warlord with int[c].


(Also done editing post above)


Thank you and sorry for the mistake.

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