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Khu Schenvile

Frame Me? Hahaha.. Aint Work But,

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I was doing my daily farming at Nera harbor..
Yeah, Luring mobs then Area skills.. so far so good, no ones around.


When suddenly someone pass by, And hunt at the same place with me

Yeah, No spot taking of course.. so i just avoid him. If he ran Upside i will go downside, if he ran downside, i will just take the upside XD


And then, When i got stunned by some mobs.. He ran into me and Burning crash one of my mobs that still attacking me

and kill it.. so i ran to him and said "Dont KS". and what did he said?


"KS? Im not KS You KS" (WHAT!? omg i was so annoyed that time.. reading this chat)

so i reply calmly

"You hit my mobs before, One of them the Blue bird pirates"

and then. . . .

"You spot claiming" (HUWAT?! I really pissed off and throw my keyboard to the wall cause if his chat)

but still. Reply calmly

"I didnt spot taking anything. But you just KS me"

and then the final he said

"Dont spot sir i'll report you" (Okay so i count that as trying to frame me -_-)

After that i just go away, and he died because of the mobs he did said help but i just ignore it cause i pissed off enough..
Really!.. GRR... IF I MEET HIM AGAIN.. FOR SURE! IM GOING TO... dunno.. 

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I'm not hunting on one place... if is Nera Harbor, I just go to everywhere... is also for the same reason, for avoid spot claiming and KS things :)


I never report who KS me, but when they say "this is my spot"... wow Jackpot!!!

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