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3 servers

Those days when AK's cost a fortune, Kynee and Aias. Flick too. pretty much everything, I'd say that was the time when the economy was so balanced.

Killing fairy queen and constructing winning powder.

Medusa and E.bow were expensive as f***!

Mage items where so valuable (INT)

20+ stat philos were above average already

Looking in envy at people's stalls selling chival/farouk/T.belt.

Looking up to players like Maix - rogue, Inul - mage, Dragon - fighter, etc. (I wonder if they're still playing or where they are now, if anybody knows them)

and of course the ever cocky Saza



what were yours?

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When i started. Even when i use craft items.. i can still win people in pvp.. there were not many lvl 150 and strong items. i was online before the number 3000 players that was most online was recorded. I was in shinu as a newcomer. Lol. Got many friends. Didnt have a single imba item. My first imba item was a +14 g axe with 29.9str(p) ! I always message laurel at that time. I knew many strong normal players. But thats all past. I miss them

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My destro with my noob friend arz haha :P 

Taiseki the perv XD


I know zaza and he's a friend cocky but cool just ride along. Respect to Dragon and SolitaryDeath the old timers I know.

Respect to Anton my long time rival and a friend. My friends from Indonesia wazzup Virtual Sky!




*Laurel still smelly XD

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