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Legacy of God


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Guild name: Legacy of God

Guild level: 4

Union name: Alliance of God


Guilds in the union:





 (-) You aren't allowed to:

Be racist :o

Break guild rules and war rules :huh:

Insult your guildmates :mellow:

Spy in our guild! :angry:

Cheat on the game. Play normally and it'll be fun~ :rolleyes:


Requirement to be a Guild member here:

Active is a must here :P

Any levels is allowed here :)

You have to be loyal! ^_^ 

You have to respect your guildmates. :D


Our Indonesia's independence's day event!



Our noob's union's member list:

Shienny Oxdri Ninanyan iNewPz Kofoku Chimson LoveeTepen ciaoBella xSharkx ChloeValentine Evangelline AldeaMalvada Elemeno Balpir iCuddle Bidz AprilliaCloudya iBlanca cheTheArchangel  iAraa Zooxantela Cheesya oRinHermione Turuc Aventis iAditdeAngeloo Pluviophile iRikka Hippocampus iBlanca LauSatoshi xHattori SonnyJEPIAY iKimmi BurnLight Zackie Giroud Meylia MrPerfecto zTetteTz

and many more ~

[if you're not tagged here, whisper/note me Ninanyan in-game so I can add you here :P]

(list updated 13/02/2016, 19:44PM )



To join, note/whisper Oxdri in-game~

Do what you love, and love what you do~ :wub:

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Lol kay but how do you get those 6892693 views on your profile though???

She was a legend way back in old days.

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LF War bellow 110/115/120/125

Whisper/Note Oxdri or Ninanyan ~

kok Ninanyan sih aku kan bukan leader :') wakakka

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