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Patch Notes [Feb. 16th 2016]

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February 16th 2016 Patch Notes
  • ~ Fixed armor item affixes.
  • ~ Fixed Unspoken Names gloves/boots mixup.
  • ~ Fixed Celebratory gloves/boots mixup.
  • ~ Rolled back Tarintus' Necklace name.
  • ~ Fixed the icons of Rudolf items.
  • ~ Removed last unusable skills from various set effects.
  • ~ Added new Valentine's items.

  • ~ Added [Prayer: Purity] and [Prayer: Freedom] cleanse levels.
  • ~ Changed Power/Defense Auras of Crusader (except HP/MP Recovery Auras) to 60s duration and 60s cooldown.
  • ~ Changed [Devoted Mind] icon.
  • ~ [Devil's Armor] now correctly shows on the character info page and is percentage.

  • ~ Fixed missing Pet Capsules at Pet Item Vendors.
  • ~ Changed Alice's size to be more visible.
  • ~ Fixed new Wiff name height.
  • ~ Added new event NPC to Nera Castle.

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