Good Path for Killer Destroyer who can survive PvP

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try to make a cup of tea and start reading these guides about destroyers, these are quiet good guides


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Survive pvp? hmm since im not playing anymore


1. try getting all your earing and weapon strength stats to maximum.. for strength

2. find items with trully high evasion per item

3. make sure your necklace and glove set gives alot of critical boost and strength

4. make sure your armor is strength

5. never put a tiny stat in vit

6. destroyer have this one buff that increase evasion, so use it before getting into a pvp fight. Its an anti-rogue build but this build sucks in guild war because :

1. Your slow.

2. You dont have strike

3. You have low hp and low defence


so try getting another item either with strength stats, agility or both OR speed to replace the item with evasion.


yeah.. thats how you play a destroyer. Just 1 hit everything ! ahahaha.. but you get 1 hit too because of the low defence.. what a dilemma.. atleast players with no strike cant hit you right? while you can still 1-hit K.O them :)


Castor Earring and Gemini Earring or that earring that give str stats. i forgot its name

sekhmet and hathor), or  TINY CRYSTAL STONE)for ring

Chivalry, or HB . neclace

Wind Band Belt or Dragon slayer belt


Your choice. 

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