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Why is that when i just vend or view other character shop on nc3 im not lag

but when i start grinding mobs too much lag and too much delay starts.

I tried askin other player if they're experiencing this too

and others say yes and others no.


I cant farm at nera harbor or level my char in grave ever since this update

Im gettin bored already just vending all day

I just want to ask when this will be fixed?

Hope this will be fixed soon and

Thanks in advance :)


PS : Its not on my internet connection and i tried reinstalling this game 3x and still im experiencing this lag :3

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@mack1111 No sir its not on my laptop and internect connection

its in the game, i think

i hav no problem with other maps. No lags. No delays. but when it comes to nh, everytime i hit mobs there it always lags.


@Hidatte Yes sir. Im pretty sure its not on my internet connection.:)

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I also experiencing this recently, only in NH map, but it's only temporary, other people in NH also experiencing this, while some on other map didn't.

I opened 2 client and having them on NH and NC, client on NH will getting 5-25 seconds delay, while client on NC will have no delay (so this is not a connection issue)

my advice, if you could be patient and wait just a bit longer, maybe it will get normal..

(I was about to level on NH yesterday, but I got this delay, I moved to Great Garden for about half hour and have my other character check NH, and it's already normal)

I saw some lag issues posted these days.. but they don't mention the exact map they're in... perhaps it's NH and Nera Graveyard?

After all, I think it's the map itself.. I also recalled there was exactly same issue like this in 2012 or 2013, which only affect NH and Graveyard map

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