Equipment crafting for newbies(Weap, armor, accessories)

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Hello guys 

First of all we know that getting gold is difficult for newbies, specially for those who cant donate. So heres a guide to help newbies to get their own items to use it to farm.

Things to remember:

*Most important:You got to get those ingot,leather, and rags(you can buy specific ingot,leather,rags , but there are two ingots ,rags and leathers that needs to be crafted, so if you get items that are named rag,leather and ingot you must keep it. you could use this ingots ,rags, leathers to craft those pattern. 

*Get many wiesels(weapons), harmels(armors,gloves,boots), accesswells (well you can get accesswells by destructing specific accessories)

*there are also gems that are needed(ruby,opal,emerald, etc) and high lvls equip need hq quality

*and abrasives are also needed for this.

*Sometimes needed: mflame for the pattern

After having the pattern you could already start to craft. Patterns have chances so it might failed. 

How to craft patterns?

First press "S" then go to actions and find craft, then put your ingot, rags, or leather on anypart of the craft screen so you would see the patterns.

Why do I prefer crafting than buying equips that are normal( lvl 90-95 drops on nh or buyable items 10-75) because crafted items gives stats like str,dex,vit,int and wisdom. It would surely help you get damage or defense, so you could use it to start farming and get those needed items you need. Like Gardener set, Holy set and Faust set.

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