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Help gearing my human SM

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Few questions I need help with for my Human SM warrior>swordsmen>glad>SM


1. Is pure dex still the best stat

2. What is the best gear I can get at 105 and what stats should I put into it

3. What sets should I have? Such as evasion, vit, strike, ect

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1) Yes, dex is the best stat.

2) Hidden Blade Set (Glove + Neck), 2 Pc Hathor Ring, Earrings of your choice (EoD / EoP / Hege / Crafted Lv 100), Holy Armor [c] dex or str + Holy Boot. Tarintus Helm or Kynee. All with Str + Dex / Dex + Str philo, or if you're focused on PVP strike with a mix of str or dex.

3) One damage set (As stated above, that would be your Str + Dex mix / Dex + Str mix set) and another with Strike to hit evasion players (Usually around 430 is your safe zone, not many players are going above that)


For Weapons you should get Dex or Str craft with strike philo, usually don't 2 sets of weapons.

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