Farewell, Fastest leveler on CL

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Before leaving CL, It was my goal to make a record for the fastest leveler on cl.
I used 100% 30% 10% 10%. There are records on here of stats and what not but no ones ever made a "fastest leveler" record on Celestia Luna.
I've been here since 2009 when CL first opened. It was a fun experience throughout the years helping mold this game into what it is. This is the only Luna Online server that has lasted period. Some of you may know me, Some of you may not. I hope everyone on here continues having fun in their own way. It was a great experience but, Alas many of the players which I've known have left and it's my time to leave. May this game continue living for a long time to come. I may or may not come back. One of the greatest games i've played. Thank you everyone.

Yours truly, Eli

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