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Magical Flame

Stock : ?

Minimum of order : 10 Slots

Maximum of order : x

Note : Ordering in above of 20 slots may take up to 3 days of working(exclude weekdays) so you need to pass the golds first.

Order by send me a message/inbox

	[i]Nickname :[/i]
	[i]Item name :[/i]
	[i]Quantity :[/i]


Edit reason : Changed the item list for selling.


I, richkravhh certifies that i won't scam any golds on this thread.



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14 hours ago, richkravhh said:


Bachelor of Glory [Magical attack]

Price : 10b [nego comment below]


Athena +12 [p] int +15

Price : 9b


Hellen cloak [p] MA 3%

Price : 4b


Interested? you can make any trade down below with your items or gold, thanks ^^


[If the rules allowing me to sell gems, i will stock it]

You can sell gems for gold or other items.

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