Warehouse Scroll consumed if no warehouse slots available

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So I got back after like 2 years and was going to make a new character when this happened:


I was going to use this to open my warehouse since I purchased this back when voting was a thing, but it disappeared instantly after I double-clicked it and showed in the chat that I apparently consumed the item. I obviously don't have any warehouse slots and double-clicking was purely on impulse (somewhat of a stupid move but uh yeah), so I'm wondering if the lack of warehouse slots caused the item to self-destruct? I would really like to know if this is a bug or something since I do need that item lol. Thanks for any response.

Wait it came back after I changed maps... nevermind then, but is this still a bug or something?

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Since it's now a bug report, I changed the title to be more descriptive of the issue.

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Confirmed it's just a bug with activating the item without having warehouse slots. Moderators can close this/delete it/move it to accepted. Sorry for the stupid post -_-

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