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Hello& introduction

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Hello everyone from MY i'm a newbie in this server currently playing alone ;(

if there are any guild recruiting please add me :)

playing alone is boring and i keep messing things up ,because there's a lot of changes from the old post in forum, for example :a training area ,price and class.

in other word....i need friend ;(

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Hi, welcome to Celestia Luna! ._<


What old posts are you talking about? Maybe we'll move them to outdated if they contain false information so newbies like you won't get confused.

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oh thank you very much,

the training guide:-


^ not really but i'm trying to find lvl 90+ monster at ghost tree swamp but can't find it, then i go to the lair of kiera and i saw centaur there lvl 92?


^only about the 2 handed axe drop -named cruel butcher it actually a mace lol.



and lastly about the fixed swordstorm -which can only be used by sword-

there's a guide becoming destroyer where he put sp into swordstorm before it was fixed and yeah i make a mistake and maxing it without testing it 1st, (my own fault).

i take my time reading guide so i won't bother anyone when playing and ask this and that, well i'm alone anyway ahahahaha.

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