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Buying :


-Blue scarf

-Belt of Wisdom clean/dirty/ms 48+

-Dark shaman +7/12 [P]int 25+

-Akuma +12 [P]int

-Ice Queen Staff clean/dirty

-Hathor [P]int 24+  1 pcs


Selling : 

-Hegemonic Rainbow [P]29 str 4,9 vit

-Howling Wyrm +12 [P]14,8 dex 10 str

-T.Helm +12 [P]16 dex 4,5 str 3,8 wis

-Fierce Dragon Slayer [P]19,8 patk

-Kisper [P]20 str 10 dex 10 wis

-L.cape [P]94 crit


Pm me IGN Mabby/Frostify ._<

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