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AR Question


I'd like to ask what is the difference between elf ar and human ar. Personally I would prefer to play elf but do not want to missplay lol. Information abou path I should go would be appreciated. 

Also wondering about stats/skills. Is he 1v1 or aoe user and what stat build should I go.

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ELF path is the good one :)
ELF Rogue> Voyager> Archer> Rune Walker> AR

Archer, Rune Walker, Arc Ranger will get 4 Area skills, though you maybe only need 2 or 3 of them :)

-Power Shot> Double Shot Level11/ Level 1
-Needle Arrow> Piercing Arrow Level11/ Level 1
-Piercing Shot Level 5
-Ice Raining Level 10
-Illusion Attack Level 10
-Fire Arrow Level 5
-Rapid Arrow Level 5
-Mystical Arrow (Magical Arrow) Level Max
-Smoldering Shot Level Max

-Zephyr Max
-Detect Hole Max
-Fatal Touch Max
-Quick Movement Level 5
-Side Step Max
-Whispering Wind Max
-Whispering Fire Max
-Whispering Stream Max

-Bow Training Level 20
-Light Armor Expertise Level 20 (you maybe no need Learn this skill)
-Light Armor Evasion Max
-Eagle Eye Max
-Blind Side Max
-Death Sign Max
-Long Shot Max
-Enhanced MP Level 5
-Mana Contro Level 5

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