[Fighter] Magnus Guide (1hand/ 2hand/ Dual Wield/ Int type)

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35 minutes ago, Siennyzhuu said:

@tony119 the p deff is quite high if you have the good armor. you also can max the mace mastery for increase p deff and vit I think. I've try that magnus int and at lvl 105 I can hit 14K ++ ma ^^

Like how much PDEF at 105 and you're on dual-wield?

Does Mace Mastery increases pdef and vit? or is it Mace Protection? :)

I'm 110 Crusader and I'm hitting 11.2k MATK with +12 Athena (yeap, no Farouq yet) with 4.9k PDEF (+7 Holy set) :cool:


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reminder and also tips:
if you use dual athena, the second athena will not give you the effect...
so at least you must give good INT phillo and high Reinforce Magical Attack on that secondary athena :)


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