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My Destroyer Guide

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Human Fighter (Destroyer is for HUMAN ONLY)

Warrior > Swordsman > Knight > Destro

STATS: dpends.. pure STR, VIT or DEX (hmm wanna try pure dex? XD)

Why? see below after the skill lists...

Fighter Skills

Warrior>Swordsman>Knight SKILLS (all max) *lvl 1-104*

Attack Skills

Crash Blow


Battle Shout (to hit invisible enemies)

Burning Crash (upgrade of crash blow)

Earthquake (upgrade of Uppercut)

Sonic Boom

Sword Storm (optional since you have Wheel Wind)

Wheel Wind (decide if you max since this will be your first 2hand AOE skill)

Spirit Sword (optional)

Fighters Heart

Warrior Form

Burning Rage

Spirit Aid (put only if you have extra SP since this will be useful in the future)

Buff/Self-Buff/DeBuff Skills

Armor Synchro

Weapon Synchro

Solid Weapon

Mana Storm (optional)

Blessing Guard

Attract Circle (not nesessarily to max since this is for luring mobs only *preferrably lvl 5 only*)


Sword Training

Sword Rapidity

2Hand Training

Enhanced HP

Risk Taker

Heavy Weapon Accuracy

Lace (why? to counter the effect of Burning Rage skill)

Heavy Armor Expertise

Magic Barrier (optional since there's a lot of mages around)

(cant max all? your decision which you want to max first --,)

Destroyer (105+)

Attack Skills

Fearful Blow (this is very helpful if you ought to fight eva type classes and yes this skill doesnt miss like Rune Impact)

Blazing Body (optional since if u want to Burn your opponent LOL but for me, i find this skill helpful in GW)

Buff/Self-Buff/DeBuff Skills

Fatal Force


Battle Cry



*just max all the said passives on lvl 1-75 --,*

and Rage Burst

From Reid's Guide on Destroyer

Note:IT IS IMPORTANT that you don't increase Earthquake to lvl 21 or else it will be bugged. At this job you already able to solo bosses in Naila Harbor and even mobs in Graveyard.

EQUIPS: *this will be optional since if you have higher type of equips*

weapon (this will be your key to victory ^_^)

(you can do sword or not if u want to as long as its 2handed

for lvl 1-20 you can use a weapon from the blacksmith NPC

lvl 21-40 use the free item from the job change

for lvl 41-70 *in order* Deadly War Sword(lvl 41) Caliburn(lvl 52) Gramm(lvl 66)

Armor equips (for better tanking lowbie mobs please follow)

in lvl 1-50 you dont need fancy equips, just have a good weapon and you and your skill will pwn everything on your way.. if you want, just craft an armor (but that will take too much time) instead, buy an armor on NPC and philo it with your desired stats

in lvl 51-60 this is the tricky part... i recommend you go to mont blanc port (outside) and kill skeletons and zombies to get good set of fighter items with lvl 51+ (plus if you dont have a good weapon, this spot will be the best spot for hunting)

and when you reach lvl 60, you can use stained set (yes i know its a light armor but it doesnt matter as long as you got the set effect) and you also might be using this set before you reach lvl 80

and when youre lvl 80, use Berseker Armor set.. and this is its description Armor Gloves Boots OR!!! you can use Seven Guardian armor set to have tanking abilities (i bet this will be useful in DD) and here is its description Seven Guardian Armor Gloves Boots


Necklace: Ganymede's Song(lvl 21) Dirty Predator's Trap(lvl 47) Hercules Band(lvl 62) Tarintus Necklace(lvl 70) OR Chivalry of the Church'slvl 75)

Rings: Tiny Crystal Stone(lvl 27) and Hathor's Ring(lvl 105) *note: 2 hathors activate the set effect*

Earrings: Philoed earrings from NPC will do BUT if you get lvl 103, the best ring will be Hegemonic Rainbow(lvl 103)

Belts: Eros Accessory(lvl 60) Eternal Flame Ring(lvl 72) or the best belt will be T-Belt STR(lvl 70)

Trinket: Mirror of Cosmic Dual Force(no lvl requirement)

Cloaks: any cloak you want.. Phixus, KOD or Cloak of Kingdom

Glasses: any kind as long as it gives STR


I prefer: BWL + Bachelor Hat of Refining + Shinigami Gloves (for higher HP) and Panda Boots (depends on what you want)

lvl 105+ items i prefer:

+12 or higher Holy Knight Armor (STR philo+STR craft+reinforce)

+12 or higher lvl 115 heavy boots (STR philo+STR craft+VIT or DEX reinforce)

+12 or higher lvl 115 2hand sword (STR philo+STR craft+CRIT RATE reinforce)

+12 or higher HB set (STR philo+STR reinforce on gloves) *its not nessesary to enchant HB necklace but its up to you LOL*

+12 or higher Kynee (STR philo+DEX reinforce)

Q: why create this guide?

A: to insipre 2hand Sword lovers who wants to PWN

Q: why sword not axe?

A: i like 2hand swords so, i made this kind of guide --, and Axe=Crit rate + Crit DMG while Sword=Accuracy + Crit DMG

Q: why destro not paladin or other else

A: you want to pwn right? so destro is the right choice for ye ^_^

Q: what stat should i follow?

A: depends on how you want to pwn.. pure str=pure dmg but lacking in strike / pure vit= balanced tanking+dmg but still lacking in strike / pure dex with strike+eva+crit damage or mix with your desired stats (example: str=120 dex=100) and so on..

side notes:

for me, having A LOT of critical rate isnt everything since, eva types are now everywhere, you also need to improve your strike so IMO, getting a balanced strike with a destroyer will PWN (well not everytime) but it is to counter eva types :D

Comments? Violent Reactions? Suggestions?

just share it please and NO FLAMING PLEASE!!!!! TROLLS ARE NOT ALLOWED TOO --,

(to be updated)

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Q: why sword not axe?

A: i like 2hand swords so, i made this kind of guide --, and Axe=Crit DMG while Sword=Accuracy

Correction :

A: i like 2hand swords so, i made this kind of guide --, and Axe=Crit DMG Rate while Sword=Accuracy + Crit DMG

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Correction :

ohh i thought passive on axes adds high crit+crit dmg? well ok then, i cant argue with a PRO like you :P

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LoL.. Well.. It's not an opinion. I just stated the fact that rage burst only works for Sword and it makes Sword Crit Damage higher than Axe Mortality.

I already tried it and there is a topic about it already.

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hmmm... oh... do you know what Rare Two Handed Sword around lvl100-105 ?

usually players choose Two Handed Axe on they're Destroyer because of Golden Axe, right?

so, we craft it... or there is Rare Two Handed Sword which means I never seen?

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well actually, there is no rare 2hand sword YET BUT, its better if you craft a lvl 105 2hand sword ^_^

ruri well of course i knew that as long as i can remember.. since my guide isnt that complete yet, im thankful you reminded me that :P

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use g axe until lv 115 then reset skill use dragon Slayer 30 str [c]

sword = 24% crit damage

Axe = 12 % crit damage

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