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  3. Nerf for what?, you will not just affect bt in pvp but also who farm's using bt.
  4. Hi, thank you for your detailed post. While I agree that BT is currently overpowered, you are forgetting mages, mages are the counter to rogue's evasion, they even have beholder to counter them as well. This is not saying we will not be looking at BT but you should not omit the other class when talking about balance between classes!
  5. First of all, it's a lenghty post which im not even sure if it's gonna be seen. For everyone reading, thanks. I think the classes as they are now are fairly unbalanced. BT imo is the biggest offender here. Every class and every job excels at one thing, BT can do anything a physical class does and much better than anyone else If we take a look at the class, it's basically a better TM, SM, and Destroyer. ( I have characters from all these classes) With proper equipment it hits harder than all of them, has way more eva so is considerably more tanky than them as well. Has lvl 25 armor expertise on top of that. If we are talking about pvp, there is this fundamental problem that a fighter needs to use a suboptimal damage move to hit a rogue, otherwise they miss (Fearful Blow and Rune Impact). These moves have much lower damage than their respective classes main spells, and even their main spells don't hit as hard as a Dagger Blow from a BT. Not to mention Dagger Blow has a HUGE range, even comparable to AR skills, which is kinda weird for a class that is supposed to be low range. Now one could argue that fighters can solve their problem with strike equip, but then they don't have the p.a to compliment it. All in all, a BT with good equipment can survive a low dmg undodgeable spell from a fighter, but not the other way around. As for the TM case, what's even the point of playing TM instead of BT? I can't think of a logical reason other than elves looking better and even that is up to preference. Sure you might love to buff your allies with your party buffs as well, but every single important stat out there, BT has much more of it and it's not even close. To conclude this, as a BT main myself, i demand a bit of a nerf for BT. It's not fun when half of the players in the server plays the same class as me.
  6. Blade Taker -Has a lot higher eva because of higher lvl passives -Has a lot higher p.a because of higher lvl actives, passives and blood rage which is a Human only toggle spell -Has a higher crit rate and crit damage multiplier. -Has lvl 25 Light armor expertise vs lvl 20 in TM -Has lvl 10 stealth, if that is your thing -Basically a better TM except it doesn't have Casting Foil, which is not that important imo. Temper Master -Has party buffs, so could be useful for others -Has a silence skill (Casting Foil) -Elf only p.def and m.def toggle skills -Looks cooler while dual wielding
  7. Last week
  8. Lesser version: TM = Foil BT = Hit and Run (MS) / attack speed
  9. Blade Taker (Human): Max Dual Wield (less penalty) Base Movement Speed Base Attack Speed P.A. Higher stealth, dagger training Predator Temper Master (Elf): Higher Crit rate/Eva/Crit Dmg when not dual wielding Foil Each class has the same cons, close-range, vulnerability to ranged attacks. etc.
  10. Good job, been waiting for someone to make a guide for this path!
  11. Good day guys! im having a hard time to choose between this two job. What are the difference between this two? What are the pros and cons Any opinion or sugguestion will be appreciated Thank you!
  12. woot full path. might try it someday.
  13. Hello, This Guide will help new players who are not sure what skills to use or what path to take, but want to make some gold. I have picked this path for the reason that it seems easier to use and has more benefits. This path is useful because it utilizes [Path of the Entrapper lvl 4], that gives an Increase of 40 evasion. Usually evasion is harder to get on most items, but instead having to use philosopher stones, the player can rely on passives, equipments, and buffs to get the evasion needed to farm. Full Primary stat: DEX Entrapper's Path -Rogue(1-19) > Ruffian(level 20) > Scout(level 40) > Treasure Hunter(level 75) > Entrapper(level 105) Advantage: -Higher Evasion -Balanced Defense and Attack Disadvantage: -Might need extra buffs for 1 hitting if equipment is bad(bad reinforcement/Philo) Rogue(1-19): Passives: -Dagger Training(level 5 max) -Light Evasion(level 2 max) -Blindside(level 1 max) -Deathsign(level 1 max) -Burning Rage(level 1 max) Skills: -Zephyr(level 1 max) -Dusk Slashing(level 5 max) -Burning Rage(level 1 max) Ruffian(level 20): Passives: -Dagger training(level 5~10) -Light Evasion(level 2~4) -Blindside(level 1~2) -Shadow Instinct(level 2 max) -Diabolic Instinct(level 2 max) Skills: -Burning Rage(level 1~2) -Zephyr(level 1~2) -Detect Hole(level 2 max) -Quick Move(level 1 max) -Dusk Slashing(level 5~10) -Wind Breaking(level 5 max) Scout(level 40): Passives: -Light Evasion(level 4~5) -Blindside(level 2~3) -Deathsign(level 1-3) -Shadow Instinct(level 2~3) -Diabolic Instinct(2~3) -{Optional} Light Armor Expertise Skills: -Zephyr(level 2~3) -Quick Move(level 1~2) -Fatal Touch(level 2 max) -Side Step(level 4 max) -Whispering Wind(level 4 max) -Rage Step(level 10 max) -Rapid Slashing{Dusk Slashing}(level 10~15) -{Optional} Mana Control (max) -{Optional} Enhanced MP(max) Treasure Hunter(level 75): Passives: -Dagger Training(level 10~20) -Light Evasion(level 5~9) -Blindside(level 3~6) -Shadow Instinct(level 3~6) -Diabolic Instinct(level 3~5) Skills: -Zephyr(level 3~6) -Detect Hole(level 2~6) -Hunter Blast(level 15 max) -Quick Move(level 2~5) -Dagger Blow(level 10) -Extortion(level 2 max) -Rage Step(level 10~15) -Wind Breaking(level 5~10) -{Optional} Stealth(level 1) Entrapper(level 105): Passives: -Light Evasion(level 9~10) -Shadow Instinct(level 6~7) -Diabolic Instinct(level 5~7) -Blindside(level 6~8) Skills: -Extortion(level 2~4) -Zephyr(level 6~8) -Burning Rage(level 2~3) Recommended Equipments for farming: vestige set(artifact set), AK(Advance Knife), Gardener boot and armor, kynee/Helm of helios, harthor and sektment(rings),Gemini+Castor/Hegemonic Rainbow earrings.. Once you have made it to 105, you can delevel and continue to farm at Near Harbor, If you use the right equipment you will have no problem 1 hitting all the mobs(except for bosses) in Nera Harbor. but there is a limit on the number of skills obtained at level 105 for the reason that there would not be enough SP(Skills Points), if you would like to get more skills I recommend going up to level 110-120. Skill & Passives for people who pass 105(That i recommend :D)~ -Max Dagger Training -Max Quick Move -Max Detect Hole -Max Hunter Bomb -Max Dagger blow -Max Wind Breaking !~If people ask for it, I will try to make a guide about where to get certain equipment, and where the best places to level up and most exp are located. i hope my guide was useful to you :'D
  14. is me  prazus, ehe hfriends   have great  day  🙂

  15. 2 guides for different farming spot choose wisely.
  16. Bow Entrapper for farming Sahel Blackhorns (Dino) Note: Prices will vary according to supply/demand and inflation Head Acc. : Crit Slime = ~5b/Dumpling = ~65b Eye Costume : VIP eye 30d = ~300m/STR Glasses Perma = ~2.5b Helmet : M.cap eva 15+ = ~3b Necklace : V.neck eva 15+ = ~15b Armor : L.Armor +48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b Glove : V.Glove eva15+ = ~15b (Note: Or V.set eva 30 = ~30b) Weapon : EG+12 eva 15+ = ~13b Belt : FDS/SDS pa 19.5+ = ~23-30b Shield : none (Since using a bow) Trinklet : NPC Cindamook Trinklet which we get for level 105 job change Boots : L.Boots 48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b Back Acc. : Wind Stalker Hide (WSH) clean/p.a/crit = ~5b for clean, prices may vary for different crit/p,a philo Rings : Hathors/Sekhmets eva 15+ = ~5b each Earings : Gemini Castor set eva 9+ = ~20b or Earings/Hegemonic Rainbow eva 15+ = ~4b for earings/~15-20b for Hege Head Costume : VIP Hat = ~1-1.5b / Bache p.a = ~15b Armor Costume : Black Widow Leader = ~16b Glove Costume : VIP Glove = ~100b/ STR Gloves = ~2.5b Boots Costume : VIP Boots = ~30b/ P.boots = ~5-6b Note: You need only 2 pieces of VIP set, as it is just for the MS 2/6 set effect, so any combination works, you can take which ever combination that suits you the best Note: The Required eva for farming dino is 390, so if you have excess eva at the level of farming (or boosting) you can trade that eva for more STR/P.A Note: MS is as important as eva/p.a for farming Cheers!~
  17. +12ak 14eva gardener set 14 eva each 2x hathor 12-14 eva each 2x earing of patience 19.5pa Cape that gives +5eva (no lvl restriction) crit 90+ kynee = 20str[p] 35dex[r] aias shield / aenaea (+15str +10dex) crit slime +5str glasses FDS 19.6 PA Chivalry or Hercules 19.6 PA nostrum PA/MS (consumables)
  18. Good day, im looking for Entrapper Farming Set Can you drop your items and price please? thank you!
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  20. I think solo dugeon date, 10x / day
  21. Hi, guys i want to ask, what the best way to level max. i'm currently level 133. Thanks
  22. if this guild still exists i wanna join in i am really not that useful i just like chill talks and company HeHe
  23. bored, lonely☹️ all my friends are  gone from this game LOL.

  24. Halo. Adakah guild yang aktif dan sedang oprec... dan menerima char cupu? Starting over soalnya. lagi pingin kembali main, tapi merasa kesepian sendirian, hahaha. IGN: Abon
  25. Hello, i always have lag problem. This lag happens every day, The lag always starts from 10:00 server time to 16.00. I believe this is not my isp problem. Because, i can play youtube video in 720p resolution, so, i think this network speed should be enough for celestia luna. I am from indonesia
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